Bicycle Day

Worldwide | Apr 19, 2018
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Bicycle Day

When was the last time you ride a bicycle? Its your chance to ride a bicycle again and celebrate this National Bicycle Day. Now in modern generation maybe some of you do not know how to ride a bicycle, because of the new transportation vehicles, and high tech rides.

Riding bicycle is also a form of exercise and its a bit thrilling and exciting!! and riding this again its like bringing back the memory of our childhood life.

April 19 is a perfect day to celebrate the two-wheeled modes of transport, beloved of the city and the country dwellers alike the world over.


On April 19, 1943, Dr.Albert Hofmann had his first look in LSD ( lysergic acid diethylamide ) intentionally. After three days he absorbed a small amount of drug either by ingesting it or through his fingertips. On Bicycle Day, he took 250g of LSD intentionally, and he made himself ill after he cycled home from his laboratory. During his ride, he observed some kinds of effects of LSD, making that day as the date for first ever acid trip. Then he wrote about his experience and experiment on April 22 in his book LSD: My Problem Child.

Exactly 71 years ago, April 19, 1943, Albert Hofmann, a chemist for Sandoz, in Basel, Switzerland, ingested a minute amount—just 250 micrograms–of a compound derived from the ergot fungus. He soon felt so disoriented that he rode his bicycle home, where he experienced all the heavenly and hellish effects of lysergic acid diethylamide.

How To Celebrate

Celebrating Bicycle Day is very simple and quite easy. Celebrate this by riding bicycle for a long distance with your friends, family members, and co-workers. enjoying every moment and will bring back  your childhood life. It also give happiness to us and its also a good sport.

So what are waiting for? mark your calendar and invite your friends and family be part of the celebration of the National Bicycle day on April 19, 2018!!


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