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Worldwide | Mar 17, 2018
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One stick, one dog, some corn batter and a quick deep-fry until golden brown. No, I did not just describe an angel, but in fact, a corn dog. Corn dogs are often served as a street food or as a fast food. For the best and freshest preparation, some vendors or restaurateurs dip and fry their dogs just before serving. Some corn dog purveyors sell pre-made frozen corn dogs, which have been thawed and then fried again or browned in an oven.

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Corn Dog 

History of Corn Dog Day

Corn Dogs ultimately find their heritage in the sausage makers of Germany, and by extension those who immigrated to Texas. While we can’t for a minute understand why anyone would want to move to a state so well-known for being unbearably hot, we have to be glad they did! The German Texans apparently weren’t finding their sausages well received, and it’s said that they innovated and dipped it in a delicious breading and fried it. The first record of the corn dog we have is in 1927, when a patent was submitted to the US Patent Office describing the process thusly:


That’s history people! Since then they’ve become incredibly popular, especially at events like fairs and country festivals, and have found a place in everything from school lunches to being served on military vessels like the USS George Washington. It just goes to show there’s no wrong place to eat a Corn Dog.


How to celebrate Corn Dog Day


So, how can you participate? Create your own “Corn Dog Making Contest” with your friends. Make your own versions of corn dog or look up to the internet for different variation. Making corn dogs is an easy process, and if you do it at home, you can have it your way.


2 versions of Corn Dog:

One cheesy variation is prepared either with melted cheese between the hot dog and the breading or by using a cheese-filled hot dog.

Another version is the “cornbrat”, which is a corn dog made with bratwurst instead of a wiener or hot dog. They are also sold using different meats in the dog, such as pork and turkey


Gather your family or friends to taste your corn dogs and select a winner! Corn dogs aren’t just for fairs anymore! Check out some restaurants or food hub to see if they’re hiding this American classic somewhere on their menu.



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