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Worldwide | Mar 10, 2020
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Put your best foot forward on this day of awesomeness!

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If only there could be a pill that makes you feel limitless, then everyone would have their daily dose of instant Day of Awesomeness. There are days that we feel like we are on top of the world, there are also days we feel that the world has turned its back against us. But cranky moods should be out of bounds on March 10. Think of the classic Chuck Norris, an epitome of someone who laughs in the face of absurdity. Read Chuck Norris facts and you will know why.

Day of Awesomeness Holiday falls on Chuck Norris’ birthday

Hello co-Pisces! Raise your hands up in the air if you are a Pisces and feeling awesome today! Pisces are charming and adorable and the most caring people on the planet. Ok that’s an exaggeration. But if you think the same, here’s a friendly hi-five from a furry pal.

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Where did the International Day of Awesomeness come from?

International Day of Awesomeness took its inspiration from The Show with Ze Frank, a web video show that incorporates a comedic spin of the current events, with viewer’s opinions being aired. It became a hit success and has inspired a number of documentaries to date. The show also features Ze and the audience performing awesome stuff.

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If you are feeling light and happy, or cranky and shitty, remember, there is always that one day where we have to let go and let awesomeness come in. This is a day to let loose. Simple acts of awesomeness include re-watching your favorite series on TV that will give you the laughs. Or pranking someone even if it’s not yet April fools. Whatever you think or do, this is a day to be happy and awesome. Leave those negative imprints behind.

How to Celebrate Day of Awesomeness

Celebrate Day of Awesomeness with your friends or officemates by publicly recognizing them that they are awesome! It feels good so start today by uplifting the spirits of your team mates!

You can also tell your peers to upload a photo of themselves in social media and share their mantra everyday to stay awesome. Use hashtags #DayOfAwesomeness and #IAmAnEventurer.

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