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Worldwide | May 16, 2018
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Drawing is expressing one’s creativity.

Letting out your creativity can create a great work of art with just a simple bird, tree, and a person to name a few. With a good shading and blending it makes your simple drawing looks amazing. Bring it to life by adding some colors too.

drawing day

So grab your art materials and start drawing what you want on a piece of paper or on cardboard. On May 16, 2018 is a day to celebrate the “Drawing Day”.


History of Drawing Day

Drawingday.org is the founder of National Drawing Day. This holiday will remind you of the times when we were too tied up in the amazing and beautiful things, which came out of your imagination. Drawing is one of the important forms of expression within the visual arts. It concerns with the marking of lines, and areas of tone onto any material where the accurate representation of the visual world is express upon a plan surface.

drawing day

Traditional drawings were monochrome, while modern colored-pencil drawings may cross a boundary between drawing and painting. There is a difference between drawing and painting in western terminology even though the similar media often are employed in both tasks. Drawing may also do with a liquid medium which will be applied with pens or brushes.


How to Celebrate Drawing Day

drawing day

There’s a lot of ways on how to celebrate drawing day. You can join an organization that aims to showcase your talent in drawing or create your own event. Call your friends organize a drawing contest and give a prize to the most beautiful drawing.

Share your talent by teaching your family and friends on how to draw. Encourage them to work on their skills in art.

No matter how you celebrate drawing day the important thing is you were able to unleash your creativity in you.


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