Experience Week Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Apr 10, 2020
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Accomplish ordinary feats this Experience Week

Experience Week Holiday Fun Facts
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Experience Week Holidays are meant for fun, and here are some facts you should consider why it’s imperative to celebrate it. Experience allows us to take cues from life and what meaning they imply that can help change our lives, hopefully for the better. Sure, money can give us what we want and when we need it. But experience offers an in-depth appreciation for things that money cannot even place a value on. Each of us has his or her own set of experiences and eventure. And whether they are bad or good, one thing is for certain: it makes you a wiser person.

Here are some of the sure-fire ways to make the best out of Experience Week-long Holiday.

1. Be an encouraging friend to someone who needs it

It’s a good experience to fulfill and meet your expectations, but it is even better and rewarding if you manage to help fulfill a friend’s wish list. May it be a favor, a long-time dream, or an impossible feat, helping someone out gives you also plus XP points in life that you and your friend will forever treasure.

Experience Week Holiday Fun Facts

2. Be bold

It is worth taking a risk in life from time to time so that you could test your limits. In turn, you can stretch your limits little by little until you managed to not feel awed by that risk you took. #IAmAnEventurer and once, my friend and I decided to swim across the river. We barely made it but we did. Risk factor varies among people. There are those who are willing to do physical risk (obviously, I belong in this category) but would never, ever dare step on social risk circle, i.e. speaking in front of a hundred people. (And yes, I would have to pray for the ground to swallow me whole first before I started uttering a word). But it goes without saying that practice is perfect. It doesn’t mean that once I started speaking a word in front of a large crowd, I would die of humiliation. Or it doesn’t follow that someone who would not dare take physical risk would suddenly crash his or her head upon jumping from the cliff. No, it takes courage. And courage can be built over time. What better way to start building it than this experience week.

Experience Week Holiday Fun Facts

3. Fill your own happy jars with happy experiences

I started this project three years ago, and I am reinventing the idea every chance I get. The main point is, I get to fill that jar with random happy things that made me happy on any given day. Good experiences also count. I would write it in a piece of paper, or better yet, a memento that symbolizes that thing that made me happy (restaurant receipts et. al). Whenever I feel down, I just pull out my happy jar and take note of all the things that made me happy, that made me grateful. Fellow Eventurers, #LiveLifeShareMoments. Feel free to replicate this idea. Go on and give it a try. It will make you realize just how every moment and every experience gives you a reflection of what kind of person you wanted to be.

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