Family Day

Worldwide | Sep 25, 2017
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A Special Day for Families

September 25 is Family Day! This allows loved ones to take a respite from their daily lives and spend quality time together.

familyPhoto via When Is Calendar

You might pressure yourself from work, making less time to spend with your family. Hectic schedules and overwhelming workload might be mentally stressing, they shouldn’t be overseeing the importance of family. It is important that you shouldn’t take your family for granted. They were the people who will continue to support you through thick and thin.

On the other hand, your best friends or pets can be your family too!

Actually, September 25 isn’t really the official date of family day. However, the intention is still the same. There are different ways to celebrate Family Day, some may choose to have a festive dinner, some would go to mass or just a simple trip will do. Whatever way a family celebrate it, the important is the time spent with the people you love the most.

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