Hanging Out Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Apr 19, 2020
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Why Hanging Out Day, Everyday Will Save The Planet – Sans One Electric Clothes Dryer At A Time

Hanging Out Day Holiday Fun Facts

My Dress Hangs There, Frida Kahlo, 1933


What comes to mind when you read Hanging Out Day Holiday is about hanging out with friends. But this phrase bears greater weight than that. It is an environmental solution that could help save the planet in a simple way. That is, to hang dry your clothes in the open air, under the sun. Fun fact: Hanging Out Day Holiday was first established in 1995 as a solution to cut the amount of energy used in electric clothes dryer. Did you know that an average electric clothes dryer accounts for between 6%-10% of energy consumption in a household? By going au naturale, you help cut down electric costs and energy.

Let’s make everyday a Hanging Out Day Holiday! Here are some guidelines to live by.

1. Hang clothes inside out

This is a neat trick I learned since I was a kid. Sure, the locks may secure the clothes in place. But you don’t want the outer area of your clothes be sullied with flying dust particles or other dirt elements. And if ever dirt manages to find its way to your newly-washed clothes, at least the stain is on the inside area of the shirt.

Hanging Out Day Holiday Fun Facts
Molly’s Café Istanbul

2. Don’t iron your clothes to save on energy. Do this instead.

When I was in college, doing the laundry is my favorite household chore. As much as I love hand-washing my clothes, I abhor ironing them because my back easily aches if I force myself to lift heavy things occasionally such as the iron. To save time, I don’t twist my clothes to expel out excess water on the last moment. I simply wave it in the air to expel dripping water and hung it as it is. This prevents creases from forming. Once it dries out, it is ready to wear. Imagine the shock of my block mates when they learned I never ironed a single white uniform myself in college. #LiveLifeShareMoments and care to share this tip. It works. Trust me.

And since today is Hanging Out Day Holiday, let’s have a lookback at the glorious moments Lumen and her family, most especially her mother grace TV commercials with Surf. [Note: this post is not intended to promote the brand.]


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