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Worldwide | Jun 17, 2018
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How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day? Do you have plans with the whole family to celebrate it? Before anything else, let’s dig a little bit on how Father’s Day started.


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Father’s Day Origin

According to one florist in America “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have”, that is why this celebration “doesn’t meet with the same enthusiasm as the Mother’s Day”.

The first event organized linked to Father’s Day was on July 5, 1908 when a West Virginia Church sponsored a Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who had died at the Fairmont Coal Company’s mine explosion in Monongah. It was just a one-time observation rather than an annual celebration.

A year after that Sonora Smart Dodd, one of the children raised by a male parent, tried to establish an equivalent of Mother’s Day for fathers. She tapped local churches, YMCA, shopkeepers, and government officials to support her idea. That small movement was successful and Washington State celebrated the nation’s first Father’s Day on June 10, 1910.

Soon the holiday spread and now the whole world celebrates Father’s Day every third Sunday of June.


How to celebrate Father’s Day


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Just like any other celebration, a lot of us always have a hard time picking gifts or thinking of other fun ways and creative ways on how to celebrate this holidays or family gatherings. Most people just go with the simple gift giving, shopping ties, socks, belts, caps, and other accessories for the man they love the most.

This year, why not make it extra? Here’s our tips on how you can make this year’s celebration extra special:

Relax, Relax, Relax

One of the best gifts you can give to your beloved father is your time and your whole family’s time together in a nice relaxation place. You can book a staycation in a nice hotel or in a resort near your place. Spend this day just relaxing together and not thinking of any stressful events happening. You can have your father pampered through the amenities of the hotel or resort.

If you can’t book a hotel or resort, you can treat your father or your whole family in a sumptuous dinner. Just remember that time spend with the family is a golden time.

Reserve that much deserved vacation

Yes! File that day-off and reserve that out of town or out of the country vacation with your Dad or your whole family. It’s exciting to show your parents the places you’ve dreamed of. Show them the wonders of the world and how happy you are that you’re all able to spend that time together.

Organize a mini event for your father

An event might be a little extra, but isn’t it heart warming when you see your parents cry a little with happiness? So, scan those old photos and download those nostalgic songs for that mini event. You can also invite your Dad’s friends so they can spend time together reminiscing their old days.

You can also prepare his favorite dishes to show how much you’ve matured and how keen to details you are. Make them happy all throughout the day.


Happy Father’s Day!


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