Happy Mother’s Day

Worldwide | May 13, 2018
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Do you know that Mother’s Day is just like any other holidays created by someone special? It was actually a day started by Ann Jarvis to honor “the best mother who ever lived” — and that’s our Mom!

Ann Jarvis started organizing events for mothers that work to “reduce infant mortality and improve sanitary conditions for mothers and families” back in 1850s. She made this efforts in honor of her mother who lost nine (9) of her 13 children before they reached adulthood.

After her mother’s death, Ann held the first Mother’s Day in 1908 and then was adopted by all cities in West Virginia. In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson named the second Sunday in May a national holiday for Mother’s Day.


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How to celebrate Mother’s Day

The best way to celebrate this special day is to be with your mom or relive your best memories with her together with your siblings and other members of your family. Here’s how you can make this day extra special for the best mother you’ll ever have:

Surprise your Mom with the best gift you could ever give

Gift? There are a lot of gifts available in the market targeted for mothers. You can buy her favorite bouquet of flowers or her favorite pair of clothes or you can even treat her out in her favorite restaurant. It’s up to you on how to make it very special. Just remember that the best gift always comes from the deepest part of your heart, it always comes from your genuine love.


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If you need help on ideas, here’s what we think that can surprise your mom:
1. Organize a mini event for her. Think who are the people that your mom misses the most. Invite them to your home to surprise your mom!
2. Have a bouquet of flowers for your mom and surprise her with it and a cake when she wakes up. You’ll see a very big smile on her face when you do that.
3. Gather the whole family and spend time together. Tell them the silliest happening in your life and laugh about it together.
4. Schedule a staycation or out of town trip with the whole family. She can definitely rest and stress-free with this gift.
5. Take a spa day with your mom today!

Those are just some ideas on how you can celebrate this special day!

Tell your Mom how much you love her

It might be a cliche advise but as much as possible always tell your mother how much you love her. She definitely wants to hear that from you. Don’t think that your mom already know it. You have to be able to show it through action and not just by thought.

So when you wake up this day, go to your mom, hug her very tight and tell her you love her.

Be the “Mom” even for just a day

They say the best way to understand things is to experience it first-hand. Today is your time to truly know what your mother feels everyday. It’s not that you want to boast that you can do what your mother’s doing everyday. It’s to pamper your mom even for just day. Pamper her as much as you can: prepare the whole family’s meal, clean the house and run your mother’s errands.

It’s very touching to see your kids pampering you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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