International Lipstick Day Fun Facts

Worldwide | Jul 29, 2017
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Know more about your lipstick on Lipstick Day!

In this generation it seems like there’s holiday for everything. From Bacon Day to Internet Day, there’s no denying that almost everything has a holiday. That’s why makeup enthusiasts rejoice, because it’s Lipstick Day on July 29! An event celebrated by millions of people worldwide; here are some fun facts about your favorite makeup essential!

Lipstick goes way back…

And when we mean way back, we mean thousand of years ago! Back then women of ancient Mesopotamia would grind precious gems and decorate their lips with the dust gathered from the crushed gems. Not only that! Powerful and wealthy women of ancient Egypt used lipsticks regularly; it was said that Cleopatra preferred red lipsticks.

Lipstick 1

Speaking of Cleopatra… did you know that the actress who portrayed the character of Cleopatra on the big screen didn’t allow anyone else to wear red lipstick? Elizabeth Taylor would allegedly demand that no one wear red lipstick on set aside from her.

A favorite among Femme Fatales

If you were familiar with your movie lingo, then you’d know that most movies have “femme fatales” in the story. These powerful females would don the most lethal weapon, cunning mind, and hottest shade of lipstick to make the leading man fall to their knees. Often the term “kiss of death” would be associated to them, but that term goes back to ancient times when different civilizations would use poisonous materials when making lipsticks.

Lipstick 2

Morale-Booster and More.

When you put on lipstick, there’s a sense of confidence that comes when putting on lipstick. But back then during World War 2, Winston Churchill kept the production on lipstick ongoing due to the feeling that it would boost the morale of women.

Lipstick 3

However, during the time of Queen Elizabeth in 1500’s; people believed that lipstick had magical powers! Queen Elizabeth was such a huge believer of magic and the misconception that lipstick had healing powers; it was said that during the time of her death, the Queen had half an inch of lipstick on.

Celebrate your love for lipstick on July 29 with some of these kissable known facts and don’t forget to impress people with your powerful pout. Aside from kissable lips, celebrate smooth and hassle-free shaving with Veet!

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