International Museum Day

Worldwide | May 18, 2018
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Would you rather want to take a trip to museum than a trip to beach? I bet you would choose a day tour to beach. Perhaps a trip to museum would be boring. Some old stuff is placed in a museum but behind them all tell a story about our ancestors. From prehistoric to old paintings, sculptures, furniture and many more are what museum offers. With these things we can tell how the people live and how different the world was in the past. Appreciate the museum better because they were able to preserve and protect the artifacts and relics from the past. International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18, 2018 so be better prepared.

International Museum Day


History of International Museum Day

The International Council of Museum (ICOM) created International Museum Day in 1977. The organization chooses a different theme for the day and coordinates every year. Some of the themes include globalization, indigenous people, bridging culture gaps and caring for the environment. All of the museums in the world every year since 1977 are invited to participate in this day to promote the role of museums around the world, by organizing enjoyable and free activities around the year’s theme.

International Museum Day has become steadily more popular since its creation. International Museum Day 2009 in over 90 countries participates in by 20,000 museums. The number of participating museums in 2012 had jumped to 30,000 in 129 countries.

“Hyperconnected museums: new approaches, new publics” is the theme for 2018. Paricipation in International Museum Day is growing among museums all over the world. Last year, more than 36,000 museums participate in the event in some 157 countries.


How to celebrate International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Celebrating International Museum Day is quite easy. Grab your best of friends and head on the nearby museum to visit. Spare some time to appreciate, discover and learn about our ancestor’s lifestyle, culture and history. There is no better way to invest in education than to visit the museum.



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