Martini Day

Worldwide | Jun 19, 2018
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Strictly for adults only. This special day, get ready to get wasted! Let’s celebrate all things Martini. Set up those booming speakers you’ve got to pair the fun. Drink up like there’s no tomorrow.


Cheers everyone!

The Martini is a cocktail combination of gin and the vermouth. Sometimes, vodka is a substitute for the gin. When this happens, it will be called the vodka martini or vodkatini. The drink is almost always comes with the olive or less commonly a sliver of lemon peel. People describe it as “crisp”. The Martini is one of the best well known mixed alcoholic beverages over the years. Because of the popularity, it is also added to many variations, and other flavors too. Since then, many flavors have evolved such as the cosmopolitan, appletini or chocolatini. With so many variations to choose from, it is impossible to stop. Grab your friends and say cheers!


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History of Martini Day

The History and the founder of the National Martini Day are unknown. Therefore, we celebrate it on June 19th. By 1922 the Martini is already popular. The mixture is from the London dry gin and the dry vermouth; they mix it at the ratio of 2:1. After that, stir in a mixing glass with the ice cubes. You can add orange peels optionally. Lastly, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Over time it becomes the choice for the many drinkers. There are also various flavours available in the Martini which makes it more appealing. The perfect Martini uses the equal amounts of sweet and the dry vermouth. Women often order this particular drink.


Treats that are perfect to pair with a martini

1. Cheddar Olives

Even if you already have olives in your glass, a few more to munch on is never a bad idea. The flavor of the sharp cheddar pastry and the salty green olives both complement the bold, bitter taste of a classic martini.

2. Smoked Fish

Instead of complementing the flavor of a martini, smoked fish contrasts it, which is a fun experiment — you end up really tasting every element of the martini and every element of the rillettes. Plus, both feel extra luxurious.

3. Steak Sandwiches

A fancy martini feels at home next to a fancy steak dinner, but it may even be more fun to pair it with a not-so-fancy (but equally indulgent) steak sandwich. Pile budget-friendly sirloin steak on an onion roll with whole-grain mustard, quick-pickled onions, and arugula and dig in.



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