National Pancake Day Holiday Fun Facts

Nationwide | Mar 7, 2020
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All the More Reason To Celebrate National Pancake Day

If there’s any type of food that has transcended beyond its original breakfast classification to all-day eating, it’s pancake. It has become so celebrated that there’s literally a celebration for it: IHOP’s National Pancake Day! The following holiday fun facts are brought to you today by the words PAN and CAKE, and by the number 0 (which is shaped like a pancake).

National Pancake Day Holiday Fun Facts

National Pancake Day Holiday Fun Facts


As long as you know your limits, there’s nothing wrong with eating pancakes. Nope. Just one after another of yummy, syrupy, fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Bite after bite of breakfast bliss!

National Pancake Day Holiday Fun Facts

2. It’s for a great cause.

IHOP Philippines is in partnership with Kythe Foundation to help #Spread Happiness. Cancer children of Quirino Memorial Medical Center will have a strong ally in their fight. You can back them up too!

National Pancake Day Holiday Fun Facts

3. The Rock celebrates.

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Makes you want to just dig into those fluffy flapjacks. After you’ve had your bite, you should “know your role, and shut your mouth”. While chewing, that is.

The sweetness doesn’t end after a day of pancakes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join. One pile is not enough for your belly. Trust us. We’ve been there. Omnomnom.

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