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Worldwide | Jan 16, 2018
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January 16 is Nothing Day, a day to celebrate, well, nothing.

Ironically, Nothing Day is an un-event day turns into a kind of “event” day, which encourages people to take a pause in everything that they’re doing. It’s a day to forget all your scheduled tasks, turn off all your notifications and celebrations to attend to.

It was started by newspaper columnist Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973.

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What to do in Nothing Day (besides… NOTHING)

Although this day pushes people to do nothing, there’s still some learning that we can get from it. Now, pull-up your calendar and take time to see how much of it is full of schedule whether it’s for work or personal. You will realize that sometimes all of the days in your calendar are already blocked.

How much white space do you see in yours?

On this day, don’t be terrified on the blank spaces instead embrace it for yourself. Value your time alone with yourself. Beat that Nothing Day!

And here are few tips from an Eventurer, Hilary Barnet, on how you can “celebrate” the Nothing Day:

1. Set it aside, and make it known.

We make things sacred through our intentions and our actions. So set your intention- what day will it be? And then let some people close to you know, so they can support you in your effort.

2. Don’t stress about it.

Wake up, and simply resist the urge to immediately DO. It might take time to break this habit, but as soon as you remove all of your go-to distractions, you will instantly notice how often you rely on them.

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3. Pay attention.

Depriving ourselves of our normal comforts for even a short amount of time can go a long way in teaching us what we really need. We are able to notice when we have an urge to check our phone, or make a call. We can get a better feel for our own patterns of behavior and the motivations behind them.

4. Listen to your heart.

If someone invited you to attend something, don’t simply give a knee jerk response. Stop, and wait. Is this something you would typically just say yes to because you feel obligated? Or is this something that would really breathe life into you? Notice, and respond with authenticity and vulnerability.

5. Spend some time in silence.

Our brains are constantly bombarded with information, images, and noise. We tend to assume our minds are like fortresses, and all this stimulation can simply bounce off, but that is not the case. Our minds are vulnerable, and everything we see and experience influences our thoughts and emotions. So for your “do nothing” day, set a guard at the gate.

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