Panic Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 9, 2020
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The Day the World Goes into Panic Mode

One day a year, the words “Don’t Panic” become counterproductive. That’s because it’s Panic Day, and that’s what you do on Panic Day. You let people panic! Watch them start to hyperventilate or lose themselves in their anxiety. Weird enough that the world celebrates this event, here are a few weirder holiday fun facts:

Panic Day Trivia

Panic Day Holiday Fun Facts
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1. When is the REAL Panic Day?!

This is one of (if not the only) holiday to be celebrated twice in a year. March 9 is Panic Day. June 18 is International Panic Day. These were started by two different people who probably were too panic-stricken to agree on a date.

Panic Day Holiday Fun Facts
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2. It’s not the only ‘weird’ celebration on that day.

March 9 is also ‘Get Over It Day’. Apparently, some guy wanted to involve the whole world in his break-up with his girlfriend. For what purpose? He probably just panicked and that’s the first thought that came to his head.

Panic Day Holiday Fun Facts
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3. Everything you do leads to panic.

There’s no winning over panic, I’m afraid. Panic Day or not. If I tell you “Don’t Panic!”, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Obviously rhetorical, but it’s the same thing you would do if I told you “Panic!”. Nuff Said. Breathe into this paper bag to calm yourself down.

Schadenfreude already makes non-panickers happy every day. Let’s have this one day of the year where even panic-stricken worrywarts get to join in the fun. PANIC!

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