Puppy Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 23, 2020
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March 23 is a special day for all dog lovers the world over. National Puppy Day is an international holiday for appreciating the little fur balls that bring so much joy to the lives of their owners and people who just love dogs! Here are some fun facts about the holiday and puppies!

All About National Puppy Day

1. National Puppy Day was founded by Colleen Paige

Puppy Day Holiday Fun Facts

Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author, Colleen Paige founded the holiday in 2016 to celebrate the unconditional love puppies bring to their owner’s lives.

2. Not Just a Holiday but a Good Cause as Well

Puppy Day Holiday Fun Facts

The Holiday was founded not only to celebrate puppies and their love! National Puppy Day aims to help save orphaned puppies all over the world and teach people about the dangers of puppy mills.

3. It’s an International Holiday

Puppy Day Holiday Fun Facts

National Puppy Day is now recognized as an international holiday and has trended on twitter from 2012 – 2015.

4. www.nationalpuppyday.com

Puppy Day Holiday Fun Facts
National Puppy Day

The holiday has an official website where people can learn more about National Puppy Day, the importance of adopting puppies, ways to celebrate, and a membership for those who want to help the cause.

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