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Worldwide | Jun 15, 2018
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Embrace this day as we celebrate the power of smile! A day to remember because it symbolizes the happiness and vitality, a beacon of hope and an expression of emotion. So just for today, drop the ‘:)’ texts and flash them a real smile. National Smile Power Day is observed every year on 15th of June.


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Smile Can Lighten Your Day

The National Smile Power Day gives you a complete 24 hours to smile. Smile is the most beautiful gift which God has given to the human beings. An Angry mother turns completely soft by seeing her child smile. It is something which increases the strength of your relationship. This day is celebrated to honor this beautiful gift. Smile can bring peace inside yourself which nothing else can give.


This special day is meant to be shared with loved ones. You can take them all out to a stand-up show, put together an organised smile-off, eat smiley-glazed cupcakes, drink some Smile Cocktails, and paint smileys everywhere because everyone and his brother loves them. Most importantly, when you crack a smile today, remember that it’s not Smile Power Day unless you can put a smile on someone else’s face, too.


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11 Facts About Smiling

Here some intriguing facts about smiling that surely can make make you smile in no time!

  • You feel Better when you smile
  • Smiling is contagious
  • You will look more attractive to men when you are smiling, if you are a woman.
  • You will look less appealing as a man when you are smiling, if you are trying to attract woman.
  • It makes you sound friendly.
  • Those smile live longer.
  • Newborns are able to smile
  • You are more likely to get promotion if you smile always.
  • There are 9 types of smiles.
  • People tend to smile more when surrounded by people than alone.
  • Smiling is an universal sign of happiness.


How to Celebrate Smile Power Day


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Celebrating the National Smile Power Day is very simple. Set a challenge for yourself and try to have a smiling face the whole day. By smiling, You share positive vibes to others. You can also try to make others smile as making other happier always makes you a great person. Keep smiling and share your experience on social forums with the hashtag #NationalSmilePowerDay.


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