Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Worldwide | Jan 15, 2018
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When was the last time you ate a Strawberry Ice Cream? An ice cream with a sweet color of pink, some red chunks of strawberries, with soft cream on top… Craving yet? Do you know that it’s celebrated worldwide and you can eat a bowlful of it on January 15? Yes, Strawberry Ice Cream Day is celebrated (unofficialy) every 15th of January. It may be your least fave but it’s actually on the 3rd ranking of favorite flavors of all-time next to – guess what? – chocolate and vanilla flavor. But how was the strawberry flavored ice cream came to light and tasted by our own palate?


Strawberry + Ice Cream = Madness!


Strawberry Ice Cream Day


The creator or inventor of National Strawberry Ice Cream Day  is still unknown. One thing is for sure, strawberry flavored ice cream is a thing even in the time of Alexander the Great. He is known to have loved snow flavored strawberries with nectar and honey. Variations of ice cream and fruit ices go back for thousands of years. As long ago as 3000 BC, people in China would serve their guests sweetened juices mixed with snow or ice shavings. It is believed that the ice cream flavor was popularized by United States by First Lady Dolley Madison during President James Madison’s second inaugural banquet at the White House in 1813. The truth about who brought and invented the flavor is still an on-going question.

As time changes, by mixing cream, milk, sugar, eggs, and other flavorings, we can make different varieties of ice cream flavors and forms. Today, we can have ice creams in almost every restaurant, corner stores, supermarkets and even specialty shops. There is also a holiday of National Ice Cream Day on July 16. We can even make ice cream at home with readily available ice cream makers! Sounds fun, right?


How to celebrate Strawberry Ice Cream Day?


As what we’ve said, we can even make ice cream at home. Why not making an event of it by making your own strawberry ice cream party? This fun holiday is fun to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones after all! New to this? We got you some easy-peasy-strawberry-sweety recipes! Below is the list of recipes you can try at home. Just a tip from us: the family that eats together, stays forever. Remember your family – or just someone – today. Make some memorable event out of Strawberry Ice Cream Day! Enjoy and have a great time!

1. Old Fashioned Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Nothing beats a simple yet original recipe. Enjoy the sweetness and freshness of strawberries in cream best served cold. Get the recipe here.


2. Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Who would say no to this double yummy treat? – ice cream and cake in one! Get the recipe here.


3. Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

The top three all-time fave flavors in one ice cream cake – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. We just couldn’t ask for more! Get the recipe here.


4. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

The simple cheesecake made even better with strawberry ice cream! Now, who’s up for a tea party? Get the recipe here.


5. Strawberry Ice Cream with Berry Swirl

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

All the berries in one healthy ice cream? Count us in! Get the recipe here.


On January 15th, let’s celebrate Strawberry Ice Cream Day with a bowlful of scoops! Treat your friends, family, and loved ones to a sweet strawbelicious day. Not just on January 15 – make everyday an eventful day. Happy Fun Holidays!



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