True Confessions Day

Worldwide | Mar 15, 2020
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A Day When All Secrets Are Spilled

Did you know there was a holiday for spilling the beans? It’s like giving your dirty conscience a bath once a year. Oddly enough, it falls on the day after International Ask a Question Day. It’s probably not a coincidence for True Confessions Day. Here are some holiday fun facts on the odd (but stress-relieving) event.

Quick Facts on True Confessions Day

True Confessions Day Holiday Fun Facts
The Earth Child

1. Honesty is the best policy.

You hear this a lot. From friends who need to hear something from you, or family looking to bust you for something. But seriously, it is. And this one day of the year should not be the only time you are honest. But, if you aren’t on the rest of the 365 days, be so on this day. It’s good for you. See #2.

True Confessions Day Holiday Fun Facts
Stress Relief and Relaxation

2. It’s there to detox your mind, body, and soul.

When you admit to doing something you shouldn’t have, it does wonders. It’s not there just to give other people a reason to get mad, but for the guilty to feel better. The admission purges all the guilt associated with the act (whatever it was, no judgement here). No wonder religions the world over have this in one form or another.

True Confessions Day Holiday Fun Facts
Strength Strategy

3. It helps strengthen your relationships.

If people have nothing to hide, it makes them trustworthy. But, if you did something, and have the strength to admit it, it means you are willing to do what it takes to keep the relationship with the person. Furthermore, it says you want to make it stronger. This is a test, and you pass.

How to Celebrate True Confessions Day

Stay guilt-free and relaxed by letting out that secret which you have kept so long. A single evasion will ruin any relationship so confess your secret and create openness in your relationship to make it stronger.

Encourage people around you to confess themselves as to make them feel good. You can indulge yourself in helping in inspiring the openness in more relationships. If you don’t want to share that secret with others, then just write it in your diary or stand in front of the mirror to confess yourself. Share your views and celebrations on the social media using the hashtags #TrueConfessionsDay and #IAmAnEventurer.


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