YuneOh March Holiday Fun Facts

All-around the world | Mar 1 - Mar 31, 2020
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14. National Let’s Laugh Day [March 19]

According to Elsa Maxwell, one should laugh at him/herself before anyone else can. Everyone knows that laughter is very contagious, especially when it’s a long bout of uncontrolled laughter that ends in tears and aching stomach muscles.


On this #Let’sLaughDay, add a laughing baby ringtone to your phone, take some time to laugh. Post reactions in social media and use the hashtag #Let’sLaughDay.

15. World Storytelling Day [March 20]

Did you know that storytelling is very benefitting especially to babies? Most doctors say that reading your kid a story, even if it’s just three months in your belly, is good because it helps the brain to develop.


A long time ago, a Storytelling Day was being celebrated in Sweden; some of the philosophers even spread it around the globe, that’s why the United Nations started to celebrate World Storytelling Day. The aim of World Storytelling Day is to highlight the art of storytelling, encourage as many people as possible around the world telling and listening to stories in their own languages on the same day.

16. International Day of Forests [March 21]


The state of our forests is very important to everyone her on earth because 80% of all terrestrial biodiversity lives in forests, and each year many species go extinct as a result of them being destroyed. One of the animals that truly benefits in the forests are Tamaraws—it’s the world’s rarest and most endangered buffalo species.

To help Tamaraw not to be extinct, on this International Day of Forests, celebrate by planting trees even just in your own backyard.

17. World Water Day [March 22]


The United Nations has set up World Water Day to encourage people to get involved in helping save water. It’s also a chance to think about those people and places where water needs are still vital, and work together to find a solution. It’s sad but true fact that millions of people around the world cannot access clean water.

This time, let’s work together and save lives.

18. National Puppy Day [March 23]


This Puppy Day, do your part to spread awareness of the plight of puppies, and the love they can bring to your home. Puppies can definitely give you love that knows no boundaries; they’re also determined to be their master’s best-friends.

Puppy Day celebrates the most adorable of our four-footed friends. It doesn’t matter the breed or gender. So this day, take a photo of your lovable pet, give him/her a thank you speech and a pampering day, you may upload your thoughts in social media with the hastag #NationalPuppyDay.

19. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day [March 26]


Isn’t it amazing to design your own holiday? Make Up Your Own Holiday Day on March 26 is your chance to write on the rule book and celebrate whatever you like in any way you want. So, assemble an army of people who can spread the word about your proposed holiday (especially in social media), you’ll never know it’s really your time to shine and the National Day Calendar picked up your holiday. It’s awesome!

20. World Theatre Day [March 28]


Are you a theatre fan? According to the official Facebook account of world Theatre Day, there will be an international performances including Allassane Sidibe, a storyteller from Togo; a performance with Zhang Jun (UNESCO Artist for peace, Kunqu opera); and many more at the UNESCO Hall in Paris, on the day before the official theatre day.

21. Manatee Appreciation Day [March 29]


Manatee Appreciation Day is devoted to raising awareness about these endangered quirky creatures, so they can still exist in the future. There are places with large manatee populations, such as Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Start your own Manatee Appreciation Day campaign now!

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