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Any gamer who has played shooting games has more or less played a game involving one of the world wars. Battlefield V aims to step up and once again renew that experience for its players by ironically going back to its WWII roots. Now before we make jokes about EA taking our money, lets first talk about what the game has to offer. Actually, much to our surprise, there will be no loot boxes or premium passes for this specific Battlefield. To add to that, EA DICE claims to bring something new from time to time.


What’s new in Battlefield V?


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Just like a multitude of games nowadays, Battlefield V features both single player and online multiplayer.

Let’s start off with Single Player mode (AKA War Stories). This mode will feature the stories of WWII in the eyes of the men and women who are first and secondhand witnesses to the brutality we know as war. From times where hope seems dim, moments of human heroism will rise and create opportunities that make the impossible possible.

Well, that’s enough about single player. We all know multiplayer is where its at. Just like every game in the world (sarcastic), Battlefield V will also feature its own Battle Royale mode aside from its traditional multiplayer. Unlike what many shooter games have failed to simulate, Battlefield V allows its players to burst through windows and other obstacles realistically. In addition to that, the games famed destruction system will come back better than ever. Tanks will be able to hunt down pesky players hiding in buildings either by shelling the building or by simply ramming its armored body through it. Furthermore, players are able to customize their characters, vehicles, and weapons to suit their tastes in war fashion.

It feels so good to know that EA DICE created Battlefield V with all guns blazing. From what we’ve seen on EA’s E3 Conference, EA DICE has proven to us why Battlefield V will be the deepest and most immersive Battlefield yet. Even with the horrors of war, EA DICE’s take of WWII somewhat balances the bloodshed with gorgeous scenery and attention to detail. As if the gameplay wasn’t good enough, EA DICE has once again refurbished the gameplay system to be even more community driven.


Release Date

The game is set to release on October 19, 2018. Battlefield V will be available in the PS4, Windows, and the Xbox One.


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