City of the Shroud | Aug 10 - Oct 10, 2018
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We all know E3 isn’t the only way to find good games. Truly the best treasures are the ones you find on your own. I experienced something quite like that recently while venturing the Steam market. I stumbled upon a nifty looking game called City of the Shroud.


City of the Shroud


city of the shroudPhoto source: Chalgyr’s Game Room


City of the Shroud is a strategy RPG with special turn based and action premises. Upon seeing the game, its graphics took me back to the times of Viewtiful Joe. The game is playable either in single player or online. In single player, the game’s story line is episodic with 4 chapters. Decisions made from the previous episode WILL affect the outcomes of the next one. There are multiple difficulty options, therefore, players can test the limit of their strategic capabilities. The game’s fighting mechanics can be customized by the player so that it could fit their play style. In addition, the game provides a “Wait Mode”, in which, the game can be slowed down for players who take time to decide what actions to take.


What makes City of the Shroud different?

The game provides 2 very notable qualities. The first big twist City of the Shroud has for its players can be found in its player-driven story. In many games, developers allow the player’s choices to affect the entire story line of the game. However, City of the Shroud makes it a bit more unconventional by bringing that concept online. In that sense, the story line of the game is affected by each and every online player’s choice. As a player makes decisions and eventually finish the game, the choices made will influence the story of whomever will play next. Starting from that, it continues to do the same for every player. The game makes you pair up in teams and groups so choose your allies wisely. The wrong choice of allies may bring you into bigger trouble.

Furthermore, the combat system in itself is also quite distinctive. While it is turn-based, the game introduces a concept called “The Combo Wheel”. With the combo wheel, players attack with combos instead of just one strike. The game still permits singe strikes but it would probably be underwhelming in both damage and style. With multiple allies and multiple combo wheel attacks, players can unleash massive combos on one enemy by throwing him around to others. Now, you and your allies can finally perform your very own anime styled combo stuff (but in a turn-based overhead point of view).

The game is set to release on August 10, 2018 in Steam.


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