CosCraft Launches at Pinoy Otaku Festival

Fairview Terraces, Quezon City | May 21, 2017
Event Details

CosCraft Launches at this Year’s Pinoy Otaku Festival

With a myriad of events in line this year, CosCraft makes itself known by launching its first ever competition at the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2017! Cosplayers and crafters will team up and compete in order to participate in the finals on the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018! Witness this new cosplay competition concept at the Fairview Terraces in Quezon City on the 21st of May, 2017!

The Competition is Open for all Experiences

CosCraft opens its competition to all cosplayers and crafters of varying experiences. You don’t have to be the best at it, and you can even participate as a newbie! The most important thing here is that you, especially those who are new to this kind of thing, experience and learn from the senpais of costume crafting! So long as you do your best and have fun, you’ll have as much a chance as many no matter your experience!



Enjoy a New Concept of Cosplay Competition!

Pinoy Otaku Festival has hosted several cosplay competitions in the past, but this would be the first time where a cosplayer and a crafter will collaborate with each other and compete for the grand prize. The crafter will mentor the cosplayer in the art of costume making, and help them create the outfit that would represent them in the competition that will hopefully get them in the finals next year! It’s certainly an event you don’t want to miss!



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