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PlayStation | Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2019
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The hype has never been so strong with the Devil May Cry series up until its appearance in E3 2018. With the new game coming out, fans worldwide have reawakened and rekindled the inner hellfire that burns within them. After witnessing DMC 5’s action-packed E3 trailer, potential to revive its pre-DMC 4 reputation is finally apparent. In itself, DMC 4 was nowhere near a bad game. In fact, I would actually consider DMC 4 a good game. But even with how enjoyable it was, the spirit of DMC was not so evident in its 4th installment.


What to expect for Devil May Cry 5


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Even with the variety of demons featured in Devil May Cry 4, the lack of 1 specific demon made the game feel different as it is. That one demon every Devil May Cry fan wants to see is “Difficulty”. Aside from Dante and Vergil, Devil May Cry was also well loved for its indiscriminate difficulty. The satisfaction players get from killing a tough boss was a feeling that the DMC series capitalized on way before the age of Dark Souls. This may be a long shot, but it would be great to expect the difficulty factor to come back. The rush of battle just feels incomplete without the thrill of being in grave danger.

The game takes place a few years after Devil May Cry 4. Players will most likely take control of Nero – who has developed himself as a seasoned Demon Hunter ever since. Surprisingly, Nero arrives in DMC 5 with a new arm called the Devil Breaker. This arm was made for Nero as a successor to the previous Devil Bringer which was ripped off from him by an unknown figure. In the trailer, Nero swears to deliver pay back to the unknown being, which may very well be the focus of the game’s plot.

From what was revealed in the trailer, we should expect its amazing combat and upgrade system as a traditional input. With Nero’s new arm, accompanied by Red Queen and Blue Rose, an array of daunting attacks and flashy moves will await us.

Overall, easily expect a good game. Devil May Cry is a well-rounded series regardless of what others think of Devil May Cry 4. With the exception of difficulty, the series still thrives with its storyline, characters, gameplay, graphics, and more.


Release Date

Devil May Cry 5 is set to release on the first quarter of 2019. Specific details are yet to be uncovered so it is advised to follow online accounts regarding this game.


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