Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit – ESGS 2017

Southeast Asia Oct 27, 2017
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ESGS 2017

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit - ESGSFacebook

Pinoy gaming enthusiast, it’s time to mark your calendars! The Philippines’ premiere gaming event’s dates have been announced! The E-sports and Gaming Summit(ESGS 2017) will be held on October 27 – 29, 2017!

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit - ESGSFacebook

Everything about gaming is gathering under one roof! ESGS is the biggest gathering of games in history and it’s all happening right here in our very own country. The event will have more than 50 PC, console, and mobile games on exhibit. These games will include new releases from game developers and publishers both local and international. ESGS will also feature at least 100 booths that will showcase new games, merchandise, and ground breaking virtual reality.

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit - ESGS ESGS

E-sports and games have become synonymous with one another and e-sports tournaments always have awesome prizes! ESGS is no different! The event will have big prizes given away! Multiple competitions and championships will reward trophies to the best individuals and teams participating. Fans of local and international teams will surely rock the venue as they cheer for their favorite competitors in the arena!

So whether you’re a console gamer, mobile gamer, or part of the all-powerful PC Master Race, it’s time to unite and come together at one of the biggest gaming events in South East Asia! ESGS 2017 will be opening the arena on October 27 – 29, 2017. We will update you as more details arrive.

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