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Fallout 76 is, without a doubt, one of E3 2018’s greatest highlights. Fallout 76 is a Co-op Online First Person Shooter game. It is the latest installment of the Fallout series and will be a spin-off prequel to the first Fallout title. The game is set to release for the PS4, the Xbox One, and PC on November 14, 2018.


Fallout 76’s Online Multiplayer

Fallout 76 will be a cross of both Multiplayer Survival and Base-Building Settlement.

Bethesda has a very interesting way to create an online multiplayer game. To start off, the game will have servers but they will be undetectable for the players. How it works is that players will be predestined to a specific server along with his friends. To keep the apocalyptic vibe, the servers will have the capacity of less than a 100 players as to not bring congestion to the land. With regards to the NPCs, none of them will be human. Each human character encountered is another living and breathing human playing the game with you. Everything about the game will be your choice. It will be the players themselves who will decide who are good and who are bad in this online story.


What’s Else is New in Fallout 76


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Fallout 76 will have a map layout that is four times the size of Fallout 4. The game begins at Vault 76. In vault 76, each player’s own custom character will emerge and are tasked to rebuild society in America. According to Bethesda’s very own Todd Howard, Fallout 76 features all new Rendering, Lighting, and Landscape Technology. As a result, this will allow the game to have 16x its engine’s detailing capabilities and allow its players to view different weather systems across the map.

Furthermore, the map consists of everything West Virginia and its folklore. Local Folklore makes up the entirety of bestiary encounters in the game. As players venture around the landscape, they will encounter monstrosities that inhabit different regions of West Virginia. Each beast comes with its own set of attacks and defense mechanisms that vary in difficulty.

Finally, players can take command of nuclear launch codes. When players collect all the pieces of a code, they can access the most convenient nuclear site in their settlement and launch a nuclear missile anywhere they want. Whether its another settlement, a random player, or the ecosystem, the nuke is sure to destroy. And after each successful explosion, players can take advantage of the Fallout by scavenging radiated resources. But be careful! As radiation will still affect your character.


What Stays The Same

While the game is better off played with friends, it does not stop players from playing the game solo. The combat mechanics are similar to the previous titles so it can be easy for experienced players to get comfortable. The same survival mechanics will also be incorporated. Just like in previous titles, players must take into account their character’s hunger, thirst, weapon, and radiation levels. Characters affected by radiation will still receive quirks whether positive or negative.


Thoughts About the Game

So far, the game has been receiving a mixture of likes, dislikes, and unsure reviews. The game will cost around P3,000, which can be considered an investment.


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