Imus Institute of Science and Technology | Sep 23, 2018
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Are you one of the fans who streams your idol’s music videos to keep the views count rising? And because of the many times you’ve watched the music video over and over again, you’ve unintentionally mastered the choreography and your body just automatically moves to the beat; busting the moves perfectly. If you’re familiar with these things, then it’s probably the perfect time for you to get up and bust ‘em moves on stage, in front of an audience and for a prize at the K-POP HIGHLIGHT IDOL happening on September 23 at the Imus Institute of Science and Technology.


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Here are some of the competitions lined up for the event:


Cosplay Competition

Ever since Korean pop music and culture invaded the country, we have been wanting to be like one of the K-pop idols who conquers the stage with his/her powerful and charismatic presence, otherworldly, ravishing looks, sharp dance moves and at times powerful, at times smooth sounding vocal prowess. Thanks to their skills that took years of training to hone, we as fans finally discover that like them we can also sing and dance, we may not be as good, but that’s definitely something, so for the Cosplay competition, we can finally present our own skills and talents inspired by our favorite idols.


Dance Cover Competition

Memorizing choreography is capital ‘E Z’ for K-pop fans, since K-pop songs have such catchy tunes and dance moves. For the dance cover competition, I would like to recommend to the contestants to go for hard, yet amazing looking choreography, like EXO’s Growl and BlackPink’s Boombayah. Both songs’ choreos are hard to pull off, but once you do, it’d be worth it.


IDOL: BTS Dance Battle

BTS’s worldwide success and fame isn’t a secret, from their Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards in Korea to their international accolades, MTV awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards, their years of hard training and the struggles they had to go through to reach the top is enough proof that they are very much deserving of the success they experience today. For the K-POP HIGHLIGHT: IDOL, expect this particular competition to be fierce and intense as contestants, battle it out in the dance floor.


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