Let’s have some fun at the K-POP Seoul Fiesta

Fishermall, Quezon Avenue | Sep 30, 2018
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It’s the K-POP Seoul Fiesta!


Are you a fan of Korean music, dramas and movies? But besides being a fan and loving your idols unconditionally, do you feel like you can stand with them confidently on stage or go up against another fan and perfectly bust the moves of your favorite K-Pop star? Or do you feel like you look a bit identical to a famous idol and want to flaunt your looks to the world? If your answer is ‘yes’ to at least one these questions, then you might be the next superstar at the K-POP Seoul Fiesta. The upcoming event arranged by Hallyu Events Philippines, will feature a K-drama fashion show, K-pop cosplay contest, K-pop dance cover contest, K-pop bazaar, special performances, and K-pop games and activities.


kpop seoul fiestaPhoto source: Hallyu Events Philippines


Korean pop music and culture in the Philippines

Even before the reign of Korean pop music in the Philippines, Korean culture has already got the Philippines smitten with its romantic dramas that took over the primetime timeslot of Philippine television. With their male lead character’s good looks and their charming damsel in distress female characters tugging at the hearts of Filipino viewers, who wouldn’t become a fan?

Korean dramas are always overflowing with Korean culture. Every drama is culturally related, and sometimes the plot itself revolves around it. K-dramas even give viewers a peek of what life was like in Joseon times, (ancient Korea) through their very detailed period/ historical dramas. Their rich cuisine is also seen through their dramas, which effectively makes viewers’ mouths water. Korean culture has a great impact in the country’s culture as well, and this can be seen through Filipinos’ being fond of eating Korean food, especially the famous, Samgyupsal. Samgyupsal restaurants, Korean cuisine restaurants, Korean Karaoke bars and Korean marts would’ve been enough evidence of the widespread presence of Korean culture in the country even without bringing K-pop drama and music on the table.


This October 28, let us immerse ourselves in the Korean pop culture at the K-POP Seoul Fiesta 2018.


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