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One of the most famed titles in the Undead genre would be Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The series may be more of a point and click adventure type, but it still succeeds in attracting hordes and hordes of players. The Walking Dead series is a great success in its own category. Until this day, no developer has reached the level of authenticity and depth that Telltale has accomplished. However, what Telltale offers is far from an FPS game and is yet to even compete in that genre.

This is where Overkill Software steps in. Overkill aims to create their own version of the Walking Dead by teaming with the comic series’ very own Robert Kirkland. Together, they have developed an FPS game that competes with the likes of Left 4 Dead and Dead Island. From the looks of the games’ trailer and graphics, Overkill’s the Walking Dead may potentially be the most realistic zombie game yet.




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Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a 4 player co-op FPS that puts its players in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. While teaming up, players must also keep a constant eye on both the dead and the living alike. Plan your moves with the right thinking as zombie hordes and enemy survivors will not give mercy to your mistakes. One wrong move can lead you and your allies a step closer to death’s door. Unlike many zombie games, the world of the Walking Dead constantly scales with you. The more you rise up, the more attention you call onto tougher enemies.

While the game may be about the players, the players also have the responsibility of leading a camp. The game thrives on a deep progression system that affects the characters and the camp. Players are tasked to upgrade their camps by any means necessary in order to keep inhabitants safe. More and more items will be made available for players as they scavenge or craft items and tools they may use in the near future.


Overkill’s The Walking Dead Characters

Players can choose from a selection of 4 characters; Heather, Grant, Maya, and Aidan. The 4 specialize and shine in their specific roles, while susceptible to error in fulfilling others.



Each character comes with their own set of upgradeable skills and abilities that help them withstand whatever the apocalypse has to offer. In addition, weapons that the character may obtain are open to modifications. Players who have sneaky playstyles may opt for weapons with suppressors or scopes, while the opposite would go for loud and destructive variants. Having said that, choose your characters wisely – the better the synergy, the more effective the character will be.


Overkill’s The Walking Dead Release Date

This game is set to release on August 14, 2018 for the PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.


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