Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Dec 7 - Feb 7, 2019
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Nintendo’s latest installment to the iconic Smash series. The game is a culmination of Nintendo’s most well loved video game characters. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is set to release on December 7, 2018 and is only available for the Nintendo Switch.



What’s New in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Following the request of Nintendo’s beloved fans, all characters from the previous installments will join the fray! Through this, players can now select from the generations of the N64 all the way to the present. Furthermore, Nintendo will be introducing new characters such as the Inklings, Daisy, and the much awaited Ridley! To sum it all up, Super Smash Ultimate will have a whopping 60-man roster for players to select from! However, there is a catch. Of course, Nintendo has no intentions on giving you all the characters right off the bat. Players will be challenged by new characters whom which will only be added to the roster when defeated.


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In addition, there will be new stages for players to fight in. The new stages originate from the worlds of Nintendo’s modern titles such as Splatoon and Breathe of the Wild.

There will also be new items and assist trophies to help players achieve an advantage over others. Unlike before, assist trophies can now be damaged and can be knocked out of the stage. Upon being sent flying away, the game will count it as a knockout to the overall score.


What Changed?

Changes that occurred mostly enhanced the fighting aspect of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

To start off, certain characters will be having new technical moves. While some moves may be replaced with new ones, others will be derived from the series’ Super Smash Melee. Dodging is now directional and can be done in successions but become less effective the longer you do it. Furthermore, aerial attacks can be made through short hops instead of jumps while charged attacks can now be charged midair. Lastly, ultimates will have little-to-no animation to keep the battles fast paced without any interruptions. In addition, 1-on-1 matches will have more damage outputs as compared to 4 player matches.

There were also some changes made in the HUD which will make the match’s key information more visible. For instance, limited attacks from characters like ROB or Robin are now put in a gauge for how much of the attack is left. Leading players will also start flashing light as an indicator of their lead.


Technical Support

While the game can only be played on the Nintendo Switch, it does not stop players from using a GameCube controller. Much to the joy of fans worldwide, Nintendo wants to give its players a classic feel to the game by incorporating the GameCube’s controller. All existing Amiibos will also be supported and their data will be transferable.



With so much hype being focused on this, we should expect Nintendo to release a game close to perfection. There has been many arguments about the best Smash game in the series which some fans remain undecided to. However, based on what’s inside Ultimate, Melee seems to be a main derivative for certain aspects of the game. To the very least, it is safe to say that fans take a liking to Melee compared to the other variants. As the latest entry, Ultimate aims to overthrow Melee and claim that title. The game will cost around P3,200. For a game known to bring players fun for months, this may very well be worth the investment.


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