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We Happy Few is a bizarre video games layed out in a Dystopian landscape. We Happy Few was developed by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. For so long, the game was left in Early-Access condition but has now left the development phase! The game is set to officially release on August 10, 2018 for the Xbox One, the PS4, and Steam. Thanks to MrRedRiver’s Channel, there is a Youtube video of We Happy Few’s gameplay in E3 2018.



What is We Happy Few

In essence, We Happy Few is an open world survival game. The story line revolves around the concept of the Joy Pill. The Joy Pill is a hallucinogenic drug that masks truthful visions. The game demonstrates the effects of the drug in early parts of the gameplay. For instance, when the protagonist is called to participate in “Opening a Pinata” the situation seems rather normal. The character takes a swing and break open the pinata. However, the effects of the pill were wearing off and he sees that the Pinata was actually a rodent and the candy the people were eating was actually… bits of meat and blood. As the main protagonist, the players are tasked to expose the truth of the Joy pill and set people free from the false world of happiness.


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Feature Review: Pros

To throw it out there right away, the minds that conceptualized the game did a fantastic job. The game’s story and motivation is clearly authentic and stands out on its own. There are a total of 3 playable characters, which all have different story lines to follow! This is very important in keeping players engaged to the game. The dialogue was also good. You can really understand what the characters feel. Being an open world game, it is good that players are able to roam around the multiple areas. Through this, players can learn more about the environment and the people in it. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and give off a retro-futuristic vibe. The actual combat is similar to that of “Condemned”, which is ok. The survival system is also good as players have to take into account their health, hunger, thirst, and even their moods.


Feature Review: Cons

The E3 Demo posed a couple of issues in the combat animations. One instance was that certain enemies would levitate towards you while they strike. Instead of a proper lunging or leaning animation, the striking animation remains stagnant as the characters just float towards you. Next, pushing an enemy on their side makes them move back in a weird angle. The pushes were probably programmed to animate as if each push was done at the center of the body which would eventually lead to awkward movements. The carrying system for bodies is also kind of off. The animation is too rapid and it does not sport a normal action. While ideas are the root of every product, it is only as good as how it is fleshed out.



All in all, the game has the potential to become great. The concept alone is good enough to keep players reeling. However, it always falls down to execution. We Happy Few gathered a lot of anticipation from its followers, but that anticipation soon turned to annoyance. The game had a handful of promising aspects but fans were disappointed with the experience upon testing. We Happy Few costs nearly P3,000 but is only around P2,800 upon pre-order. It is an expense for what it showed in E3. All we can hope for is that Compulsion Games has done their work to make the game live up to demands.


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