Are You Having A Burnout?

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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 So what are the symptoms of a burnout?


  1. Pessimism – This might be negative self-talk that will advance to a habit of seeing all the bad things that are happening to you. It will further become an attitude if left unattended. If you are aware of what is happening to you, stop yourself from seeing and transforming everything you see into a negative thing.
  1. Isolation – Do you see yourself turning down calls and not replying to text messages from your friends? Sometimes it may look like you are mildly resisting your friends’ invitations to actually snapping out of them when they talk to you. This is also manifested when you call in sick more often, come in late or go completely AWOL.
  1. Feelings of apathy and hopelessness – This might present feelings like “nothing is working” or “it does not matter anyway even if I try”. Sometimes it can get worse with worse questions like “What is the point of this, really?” When you see yourself asking these questions, go back to why you were doing that certain thing in the first place? Why are you here? List all of the reasons why this thing matters to you and see the difference. There is nothing bad in going to back to ground zero.
  1. Lack of productivity and performance – Chronic stress will keep you exhausted and will prevent you from being as productive as you once were. The most obvious ways to detect is seeing your to do list getting longer and longer and incomplete projects. Worse is getting a memo or being called into your manager’s office for poor performance. Do not let it get to this point! You can do it!
  1. Increased irritability – This terrible feeling often comes from feelings of uselessness, ineffectiveness. There is an increasing awareness that you are not able to be as productive as you once did. This might manifest in your relationships with your peers in your workplace to more advanced circumstances like ruining your career.
  1. Appetite Changes – You might feel hungry but skips a few meals or be feeling constantly hungry even if you have already eaten. If this persists for a longer period, you can see a significant amount of change with your weight and physical appearance.
  2. Sleep Deprivation – If you can’t sleep or can’t wake up early, this might be one of the signs that your body is experiencing fatigue. In the latter stages, it might turn in to persistent insomnia.


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