Are You Having A Burnout?

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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  1. Getting sick – Since your body is a great deal of stress. Also, if you are malnourished, your body will be getting weaker and weaker. This makes you vulnerable to infections such as cold, cough and flu.


  1. Anxiety – If you are feeling the tension, worry or edginess, you might be experiencing anxiety. As you advance further in to your burnout, your anxiety can interfere with your performance. Whether in work as well as your relationships with your friends at work, superiors and your relationships outside work, too.


  1. Depression – This might seem like constantly feeling sad for no reason, occasional feelings of worthlessness and being trapped. If you are experiencing these symptoms of feeling severely depressed to the point that you do not want to move or get up. If that’s the case then please seek professional help immediately.


Do not let this insidious feeling creep into your life and take away the power and success that you have worked hard for. If you are experiencing one or two of these symptoms, consider it as a warning to find ways to stop it before it’s too late.



I know you can do it! You are an achiever! Embrace it! I have experienced a lot of burnouts in my life and I swear it is not a good thing. Wake up and get up on your feet. You are awesome. Allow yourself to appreciate your hard work, your power. Stand up and do a victory stance!

How about maybe going out with your friends. I know some places where you can go. It feels a lot better talking about it to people who want to listen and lift you up. You can also travel and escape the work life for a while. See the world! I got some travel ideas for you that I swear will give you a fresh start when you get back. You can also chain that negative energy to a positive energy by learning new stuff. I am sure you love to learn about something new!

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