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Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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Depression is a prevalent and serious mood disorder even in the Philippines, whose citizens are known for their easy smiles. In 2004 alone, there were over 4.5 million reported cases of depression. With poverty and natural disasters abundant each year, it’s no wonder many of the Filipinos experience depression. The disorder may be caused by a number of external and internal factors such as major life events, daily burnout at work, or neurological imbalances. Likewise, its symptoms also vary from bouts of sadness, anxiety, lethargy, to suicidal thoughts. Consequently, it’s important to seek professional help in order to properly identify and diagnose one’s degree of depression.


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On the other hand, consider these suggestions to help you conquer the depression periods:

First, practice a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eat right, and get enough rest and sunshine. Have a healthy body to go with a healthy mind.

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Second, get active and pursue projects you’re passionate about. Whether it’s sports activities, hobbies such as crafts workshops or musical events, volunteer work, or simply learning something new, find something that keeps you busy and gets you out of bed.



Source: Chibird and Top 10 Home Remedies

Third, establish a social support system. From family, co-workers, to your close circle of friends, it’s important to have people you can trust, count on, or simply lend you an ear when you need to vent out.


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Lastly and most importantly, don’t be ashamed of your condition and ask for help. Know more about depression through available online resources, seminar events, and consulting with a professional.


That said, if you’ve got mild depression and are looking for activities to keep you busy, check out the site’s other districts for special events such as comic conventions, musical workshops, wellness expos, and many more.

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