No Selfie Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 16, 2017
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No Selfie Day Holiday Fun Facts

Did you know that there is a ‘No Selfie Day’? I’m sure that’s a holiday fun fact for you! ‘Selfie’ is a word that was not around 20 years ago. And the concept of taking pictures of yourself was almost unheard of! You go to a studio, hire a photographer, or get a friend to take your photo. But almost never yourself! And now we have a No Selfie Day!

No Selfie Day Holiday Fun Facts


No Selfie Day’ was an idea submitted to Chase’s Calendar of Events this is a journal cataloguing special events throughout the year. The idea was quickly received and recognized and was launched as one of the almost 15,000 events happening during the different days of the year. What for? Selfies are sometimes taking the turn for the negative. Just take the usual narcissism, and obsession with filtered beauty aside, let’s see what Ocala.com has to say about this day!

“Then there’s the downside:
At least two teens, one in Italy and the other in the Philippines, fell to their deaths trying to take selfies too close to an edge of a long drop. Riders in the Tour de France complained about selfie-taking spectators getting in the way as their bikes approach.

On the Wall Street Journal website earlier in July, singer Taylor Swift all but declared the autograph dead; “The only memento ‘kids these days’ want is a selfie,” she wrote.

ABC’s Good Morning America pondered last week if selfies were an obsession. One 16-year-old cited in the report said he takes “between 40 and 60” selfies every day. But a child psychiatrist added, “Like fire or dynamite, selfies can be wonderfully constructive or terribly destructive.”

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