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Relieve your childhood by purchasing the ‘Sailor Moon SuperS’ DVD at Amazon!

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Sailor Moon SuperS is the fourth season of the original anime series of Sailor Moon. It deals with the Dead Moon Circus searching for the mighty Pegasus and the Golden Crystal he possesses to the rule the world.

The fourth season consists of 39 episodes. Sailor Moon SuperS premiered on March 4, 1995 and its finale was on March 2, 1996.

This season is an adaptation loosely based on the Dream arc of the manga. After a solar eclipse leads to the arrival of a new set of villains, referred as the ‘Dead Moon Circus’. The Senshi has to protect the innocent and stop the villains from getting their hands on the Golden Crystal. The Golden Crystal is introduced as an object of great power linked to a new ally known as Pegasus.


5 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Sailor Moon


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1.) Luna is An Alien

Our favorite talking anime cats are actually aliens! In the manga, it was mentioned that both Luna and Atermis are aliens from the planet Mau. Not much is known about the planet Mau, other than its inhabitants are feline people – talking cats and humans with cat-like features.


2.) The Show Inspired By the Power Rangers

Sailor Moon’s creator Naoko Takeuchi was inspired by the Power Rangers’ success and decided to create her own version of an all-girl superhero team.


3.) All of the Attacks Are Said in English

If you watch carefully, you’ll see that all of the attacks are said in English while the rest of the show’s dialogue is in Japanese.


4.) Usagi’s Family Members are Named After the Creator’s Family

Sailor Scout’s family members include her mother loving Ikuko, her newspaper photographer father Kenji, and her goofball younger brother Shingo. All of these family members are named after the show’s creator Naoko Takeuchi’s own family!


5.) There Was Almost An American Remake of the Show

After a bad screening and poor audience response, the project of a remake was dropped. The American version of Sailor Moon was supposed to be a combination of live-action and animation. However, the style of the animation they chose, weird music, and a white cast did not please the viewers.


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