5 Travel Gears We Bring All the Time

Worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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No matter where you go; trekking up the mountains, down to the beach or somewhere exotic for a different kind of view just to get away from the busy city life, you will always, ALWAYS, have to pack your stuff. Some people find joy in itineraries, planning and anything else synonymous to organizing, but there are other people (i.e. me) find it a hassle and just simply wing it, especially if it’s one of those last minute road trips your impulsive friends pull you in the middle of the week.

Here are five travel gears we bring ALL THE TIME:



Image source: Popular Airsoft

In this day and age, who can seriously survive without them? The need to take selfies, videos, or surf your social media while sipping on a glass of martini by the beach will especially drain that poor battery life of your smartphone, and if that happens, you’d have to leave your friends to go back to the apartment or car to charge, and isn’t that a hassle? Trust me, this one is always with you.



Your beach bumming experience will never be complete if someone in your group didn’t bring their speakers. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be in the beach. Simply having them turned on in your apartment as you and your friends and/or family plan your next itinerary is enough.


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