7 Instagrammable Tourist Spots in Batangas You Can Visit This Summer

Batangas | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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The Province of Batangas caught all eyes with its incomparable majestic beauty. Batangas is one of the best places in the Philippines where you can feed your eyes with a lot of visuals that’s usually cannot be seen in other localities.


Batangas: A One Stop Destination

This beautiful province is known for its historical churches, their strong accent, their original native delicacies, Batangas’ pride balisong, or the butterfly-shaped knife. They were also popular as the “Barong Tagalog Capital of the Philippines”. Batangas in fact is also the home of the famous Taal Volcano–the volcano in the middle of the sea, and one of the decade volcanoes, and Taal Heritage Town. They also have the second largest international seaport in the Philippines after Metro Manila. But, of course, those wonderful numbers of beaches that can be found at Batangas.

This province became a frequently go-to place of every tourists and foreigners to witness how glorious those beaches are. The sands aren’t as white and fine comparatively as Boracay’s, but as a matter of fact, the worth of Batangas’ beaches are just as best as it is. From its various types, there’s sandy, pebbly, rocky, furnished, and overall. Name it, Batangas has them own!

It’s also an ideal for the people residing around Metro Manila with its three to four hours proximity. Beaches from Batangas are also visited by foreigners as well. From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and four hour drive from Pasay City, you can finally have some day tour in Manila and feel the summer ambiance Batangas is giving.

Foreigners or local tourists, you have no need to worry about! As a matter of fact, Batangueños are fluent with speaking both English and Tagalog!

Tourist Spots in Batangas

Summer is the perfect time to give your Instagram one of a visual worthy feed this summer. With the wide range of beauty spots in Batangas, what’s not to be captured on? There are lots of summer destinations that can be found around the province.  Get up now and check out what’s inside the Batangas rather than starve your eyes with the view. If you want to have fun and feed your eyes at the same time, you should try the beaches Batangas has!

Out of all those spots that Batangas possesses, here are the 7 beach resorts in Batangas where you and your family and friends can spend your summer with.

  1. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort

Entitle your relaxation in one of the best beach resort in Batangas. Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort offers pristine beaches, endless ocean vibes and exclusive access to the best diving and snorkeling sites in the country.

The beach resort is an ideal destination that offers year-round scuba diving, snorkeling and a variety of water sports. The sought after Eagle Point Beach Resort lies in Anilao, the best diving sites in the country, which are part of the Verde Island Passage.  The seas of Batangas are known for cradling more than half of the world’s species of corals and marine wildlife, including dolphins, marine turtles, and whale sharks or butanding. See for yourself the clear turquoise ocean bursting with underwater life and diversity.

  • Diving, Kayaking and Snorkelling

If you are in love with outdoor callings and there are activities that you shouldn’t miss at Eagle Point Beach Resort, that is diving, kayaking, and snorkelling. With its rugged white-sand beach, spectacular rock formations and enchanting coral reef garden, Sepoc Beach is a perfect destination for recreational kayaking and other water activities.

  • Bars and Restaurants

Of course, these places shouldn’t be left out! Eagle’s Nest Bar and Resto, Bayview Divers Club, and Mojito Poolside Bar and Grill are just around the vicinity. Indulge in the freshest seafood creations while enjoying fantastic views at these three that serves fine dishes that tourists can enjoy.

  • Function Rooms and Hotel Game Room

Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas has 4 function rooms the largest of which can cater up to 250 people depending on the room configuration as well as several smaller outdoor function areas.

If you indeed enjoyed and  had enough of sunlight on your skin, The Game Room is open for the people that want to be entertained indoor. It comes with a billiard table and ping pong table as well as satellite TV and music for guests who want to play games and socialize.


  1. Isla Verde


Isla Verde is not another sanctuary that is perfect to visit this coming summer.  Only few dared to visit this beach. It is located between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro along the Verde Island Passage which is dubbed as “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity”. The resort gives the cool and fresh vibes with its nice beachfront and landscapes. It also gives the Filipino ambiance as you can book one of their nipa huts that can fit to four people. Fun fact: Nipa Hut symbolizes the bayanihan of the Filipinos! Stone houses and tents are also available in the area.

  • Enjoy Snorkelling, Sun bathing, Swimming

You get to enjoy snorkelling, sun bathing and swimming at the Mahabang Buhangin Beach that offers crystal clear waters and long range of sands.

  • Walking around the Isla Verde

What else to do when you are out of the town? Of course, you should walk around and seize the moment with your most comfortable wearable. Isla Verde is the place where you can have your mind relaxed. Don’t forget to take some photos for remembrance!


  1. Fortune Island


How about have some toasts of Greek style while you are on your stay at Batangas? Sounds good, right? Fortune Island is one of the go-to places at the Nasugbu, Batangas with its distinct features. The creamy white shore that compliments the turquoise waters is one of the heavenly possessions Fortune Island has.

But behind its ruined Greek structure, Fortune Island is remnants of once an exclusive island resort that shut off on 2006. The resort was designed to please the upper class members of the society and the best way thought possible was to build something similar to how the Greeks built their gods temples.

The ruined structures just add to the beauty and asset of the Fortune Island.

  • Kayaking, Swimming and Snorkelling

Yes. The wide body of waters of Fortune Island wants you to explore it. Marvel around the area by kayaking, swimming and Snorkelling.

  • Take it as an opportunity to take photos of the ruins

The instagrammable ruins will surely worth of your IG feed. A lot of people would want to exchange place to you just to take photos of the Greek columns. Don’t forget to pose like your favorite god!

  • Visit the shipwreck site at Fortune Island

That one shouldn’t be missed especially by divers! Ask your boatman to take you to the shipwreck and ask for some historical backgrounds about it.

In case you plan to check out Fortune Island, it must be remembered that Fortune Island has no electricity. It also has no decent bathrooms and clean water source. Make sure to bring a lot of clean water to keep you hydrated and for cleaning up. Don’t worry, there’s a mobile data source at Fortune Island.


  1. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort


If you fancy going to Maldives but given that you have your budget tight, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is the closest on the list. This summer tourist spot visuals crystal like turquoise waters coupled with the floating cottages. The walkway are also made of stilts, which makes it unique than other tourist spots in Batangas.  Beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunrises and gorgeous sunsets, cozy cottages that remind you of home, flowers bursting with color at every turn, an organic garden, and secret, magical nooks await.

  • Go on Roadtrips

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort says their Scenic ATV Trails are a must try! Go around at every corner of the resort and find you a comfort place.

  • Dine and have some massage

Try to relax yourself at their massage spa after the long day at your desk! It’s the perfect time this summer vacation to loosen up a bit and be refreshed. Their fine delicacies are also a must-try. It’s bad thing if you don’t!

  • Enjoy by the beach

Go ahead and indulge yourself at the beach. Snorkelling, swimming, and boats are available. They also have gazebos where you can relax and just enjoy the view until the sun sets.


  1. Acuatico Resort


If you think infinity pool doesn’t exist, Acuatico resort proves you wrong. Its infinity pool is called “the star of Laiya, Batangas”.  Acuatico also offers a complete range of facilities and services inside the property to create the perfect stay. It’s not just about the sea and the sand.

  • You should wear the water!

Infinity pool at Acuatico resort in Laiya is one of a kind, offering a stunning visual treat. They also offer outdoor jacuzzi and kiddie pool.  Having fun in the water is not complete without water sports facilities like kayak, Jet Ski, fly board and fly fish.


  1. San Nicolas Ecotour

This tourist spot in Batangas is said to be the smallest and yet, the richest town in Batangas in terms of natural resources. The pristine Pansipit River, a natural outlet that drains Taal Lake and Balayan Bay. It is relevant for its fishery resource and historical significance for the Tagalog Heritage where the Maliputo fishes (caranx ignobilis) can only be found.

Unlike to the other summer destinations and beach getaways, San Nicolas Ecotour presents green visuals.

  • Is good for non-motorized water activities

As the San Nicolas Ecotour is being preserved, the place is good for kayaking, and boating. Roam around and feed your eyes with the lovely nature. Tour around and capture photos as well to make memories while you are under the blanket of nature.

  • Take a visit at Ruins of the Old Taal Church.

If you want to at least rest yourself from the water activities, try to visit here! The first Taal Church was built in 1575 under the direction of the Augustinian Friar, Fr. Diego Espina. It was made out of coral block stones. The church crumbled down and was left into ruins when Taal Volcano erupted in 1754. Take some time to visit the nearby ruins of the Old Taal Church and look back at its history.


  1. Kapusod Treehouse


Batangas can also fulfill your childhood dream to at least live in a tree house! Kapusod Tree house can be found at the Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas beside the Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC).  This unique tourist spot in Batangas has tree house that welcomes your eyes on the overlooking view of the Taal lake. Imagine yourself sitting in front of the window, waiting for the sunrise while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Isn’t that thought refreshing? The green scenery would greet your eyes anywhere you look. What a wonderful escape from the city!

  • Relax at Kapusod’s Water Garden

The 4-ft. high natural swimming pool can be enjoyed by the guests. It is a hundred percent no chlorine area.

  • Bring yourself into kayaking and fishing

Kayaking is usually enjoyed by the local tourists and foreigners.  You can rent at the courier a kayak boat and enjoy the reserved vicinity of Taal lake. Fishing can also be done while you are staying at the Kapusod, which is absolutely a fun experience!

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