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Metro Manila | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Looking for places in Makati to satisfy the tea-lover and cafe enthusiast in you? This food crawl will take you to the best cafe’s you can find in Makati!

Makati is not only a business district and home to the well-known shopping hubs in the Metro, but is also considered a place where you can find the most unique and promising cafes.

There are plethora of café – tweens and every millennial are raving of. Now if you are in the business district like in Makati, the first thing you would search on the internet is “Where” could you find a new or existing café for you to hang out with some friends after work, or basically, just chill out.

Cafes in Makati are increasing in number, with unique concepts everyone even those working in the North is going to love. In this article, YUNEOH have listed some of cafes that some are talking about, and a must-try if you are in Makati.


Whether you’re overstuffed after a lunch out with your officemates, or just want to leisurely drink a cup of tea – you have come to the right website –  as we listed our top picks of Tea houses in Makati.

David’s Tea House

Dimsum at David’s Tea House

As the name suggests, David’s Tea House serves the best tea in town. If you are going to look them on the internet, they have been gaining lots of positive feedbacks from their patrons and new diners as well. Not only you can enjoy their sumptuous Chinese dishes, but you can also taste the best and refreshing selection of tea they are offering.

It has been around in the dining scene since 2003, and its first branch was located at Tomas Mapua St., in Chinatown. With just 20 people who can occupy their first branch – the word has spread and now –  they have over 20 branches nationwide.

One of the best things here at David’s Tea House is that their food can be availed in the most affordable price range. Warm your stomachs with their famous noodle soups. You can choose from David’s Special Noodles/Hofan (Php 220) , Wanton Beef Noodles/Hofan (Php 210) , Meat Ball, Beef Ball. Or maybe, you should try the Chicken Noodles for Php 175.

If you’re in an afternoon break, you can also try their Misua and Bihon Guisado for only Php 130. Or better yet, have a bite of their bestselling dimsum platter for Php 270.

You can find David’s Tea House at the Ground Floor of A.Venue Mall in Makati Avenue, and another branch in Greenbelt 1.

Tea Meter: 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

Bistro Pamana

Afternoon Set at Pamana Bistro. Photo via joycruzonline.com.

This restaurant is a no-stranger for most of us because of its overly delicious all-day dishes. For some, they would visit Bistro Pamana for the famous Afternoon Tea Set (Php 400) good for sharing for 2-3 people. The set consists of four pandesal sandwhiches (a pair of adobo flakes sandwiches and a pair of kesong puti with pesto sandwiches.) The pandesal also comes with palitaw, puto bumbong, bibingka, turon, and a pot of their Lipton Clear Green Tea.

Bistro Pamana is a quaint restaurant located at Perea Street in Legazpi Village. Its walls are covered with family photos, movie posters, and framed mirrors. Majority of the walls are covered in purple, and the chair is transparent – making it a great ambiance for a great afternoon tea session.

Their menu is mostly composed of heirloom recipe, like their Sinigang na Buto-Buto sa Manggang Hilaw (Php 260) and Salmon Belly sa Sampaloc at Pinya (Php 275).

Bistro Pamana Favorites

I used to work in a publishing company located in Perea Street, and fortunately, Bistro Pamana was our neighbor restaurant. My personal favorite is the Adobo Flakes. For just Php 150, I get to have a generous serving of their crunchy and flavorful adobo flakes, served with fried rice, and atsara. If you are a seafood lover, their Davao’s Baked Sugpo sa Taba ng Talangka is a must-try! Those baked prawns in a special sauce with crab fat melts in your mouth will leave you wanting more.

For only Php 80, you can enjoy a hot cup of Chocolate Ah, and other choices of hot caffeines ranging from Php 70 to Php 140.

Fortunately for those who work/live near Quezon City, Pamana Bistro offers a Merienda Buffet for only Php 149.

Want to know how it feels to eat at Bistro Pamana? Visit www.happyconceptgroup.com and check out their website theme song! If you want to visit them in Makati, they are located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt Mansion in Perea St. Legaspi Village.

Tea Meter: 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

Museum Cafe


Have a wonderful tea time at Museum Café located at Greenbelt 4 in Ayala Museum. From the company that brought us Saboten, Chelsea Kitchen, and Rocket Room to name a few, comes Museum Café of M Café. This restaurant is famous for their modern Asian Cuisine and remarkable interiors which was made by the talented team of Budji Layug and Royal Pineda.

For tea time, try their Dimsum High Tea for Php 788++. The set includes Crystal Prawn Dumplings, Siomai with Caviar, Crab Balls, Salt and Pepper Pork, Fried Wanton, Mango and Tapioca Pearl, and Salted Charcoal Bun.

No wonder people prefer this café as their venue for social gatherings, meetings, and evening socials.

Their main dish you must try is their Char-Grilled Sambal Dorade on a Grill (Php 375). It is a lobster kropek with crispy dilis and peanuts, served with cucumber herb salad, and housemade sambal.

On regular Sundays, M Café serves Jazz Brunch including a wide array of delectable items such as Canadian tenderloin, homemade sushi and dim sum, Spanish deli meats, fresh country bread, Norwegian smoked salmon, waffles & toasts, signature cakes among others and of course, a soothing jazz entertainment.

Tea Meter: 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵


Now let us try to search for the best coffee places, shall we?

Caffe Pascucci

Have your caffeine fix at Caffe Pascucci anytime of the day. With Caffe Pascucci’s uniquely brewed coffee, this café is having more and more customers everyday.

For hot coffee, try the Capuccino, Filter Coffee, Caffe Latte, Gianduio, and Paspuccio. You are also going to love their choices of iced coffee such as the Iced Espresso, Iced Caffelatte, Iced Mocha/Caramel, Caramel Frappe and Confuso.

They also have a Sorbetti, an iced coffee cream with coffee topping. Caffe Pascucci even have a selection of teas in bag for a delightful afternoon.

Its ambiance is perfect for those who wanted to have some inspiration. Because of its eye-catching environment and aesthetically appealing interior, people are getting more and more interested to visit the cafe.

Visit Caffe Pascucci at Ground Floor, Glorietta 2 in Ayala Center.

Coffee Meter: ☕☕☕☕☕

Habitual Coffee

Experience Habitual Coffee’s Frozen Flat White or their Orange Spice Cold Brew. It is a blend of single origin espresso and artisanal vanilla ice cream, topped with milk foamy goodness. While the latter is an infusion of orange and cold-brewed coffee.

Also, Habitual Coffee is a specialty café that only serves coffee brewed using an Aeropress. Cool isn’t it? Made it even more perfect for serious coffee lovers.

Pair it with their bestsellers such as the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, El Pago Pasta, or maybe, their El Pago Sausage Plate for main dish.

This café also hosts unscripted storytelling event on Weekend. Follow their social media accounts for more event updates and promos.

Locate Habitual Coffee at 2135 Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village in Makati.


This café in Makati promises a relaxing coffee break to their customers. With its Instagram-worthy ambiance, you are sure to come back in no time.

People often vouch for Yardstick’s waffle. You can choose from Purple Yam, Salted Caramel, Lemon Curd, and Butterscotch (Php 220). They also have delightful main dish such as the Beef Brisket, Spanish Omelette, Barista’s Breakfast, Srirahca Chicken Wrap, and the Salmon and Egg Toast.

If you are feeling not having a coffee to pair with your dish, you can also order their drinks like Chocolate, Chai Latte, Tea, and Homemade Sodas.

Visit Yardstick at the ground floor of Universal LMS Building, 106 Esteban Street in Legaspi Village, Makati.

Coffee Meter: ☕☕☕☕☕


Feeling stressed from work? Why not grab a bite from our top dessert places in Makati.

Bizu Patisserie

You know you have come to right dessert place if you visited Bizu Patiserrie. They are famous for their posh ambiance, breakfast, sandwiches, pastas, desserts, and pastries.

Bizu Patisseries offers authentic French pastries and breads since 2001! From just a kiosk at the third floor of Glorietta 4, it has now more outlets in Greenbelt 2, Alabang Town Center, and The Promenade inside Greenhills Shopping Center.

But of course, for desserts, you should try the Valrhona Molten Chocolate Souffle for Php 395. This dessert is topped with vanilla ice cream. If you are not a fan of dark chocolates, you can go for the Mango Crème Brulee Crepe. It is topped with fresh mangoes and torched crème brulee. Bizu even has a classic twist of the classic Halo-Halo. What they did is they served it with ube macaron, leche flan, red bean paste, langka, almond flakes, and ube ice cream.

You can find them at Level 1 of Greenbelt 2 in Ayala Center.

Sweet Meter: 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦


Literally and figuratively a sugarhouse! You can order everything from pasta, roast dishes, and the most delectable desserts!

You can choose from desserts such as Almond Sans Rival (Php 135 per slice) Chocolate Truffle (Php 125 per slice), and even Dulce De Leche (Php 155). There are more to choose from Profiterols, Cream Puffs, Sylvannas, Yema Balls, including breads and pastries, cookies, hot and cold drinks.

They also sell a New York Cheesecake for Php 1200 – perfect for celebrating special occasions.

If you want to order some pastas, they have the Puttanesca, Roasted Vegetabe Pasta and Beef Lasagna for Php 250. Sugarhouse also serves all-day breakfast ranging from Php 185 to Php 250. You can choose from Longganisa, Pork Tocino, Chicken Tocino, and Bacon and Eggs.

You can find Sugarhouse at the second floor of Glorietta 3.

Sweet Meter: 🍦🍦🍦🍦

Classic Confections

You seriously will go head over heels with Classic Confections’ signature cakes and uniquely brewed coffees.

Lemon Torte at Classic Confections

Moreover, you will get to taste Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion (Php 325). It is a moist chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream and walnut praline bits. One of their bestselling cakes you should try on weekends is their Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake made with graham cracker crust, and Philadelphia cream cheese.

Dig into the flavors of their S’mores Pie, a creamy baked chocolate custard, with toasted marshmallow icing. Also, you should try the Banana Cream Pie, created with crispy cashew nut crust, vanilla custard, carmelized fresh bananas, topped with whipped cream.

Classic Confections also sell various cookies from Spiced Ginger, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Brownie, and Mocha Walnut. In addition, if you want some savory breads, they have the Chicken Curry Turnover, Ham and Cheese Turnover, and Chicken Ala King Turnover for only Php 75.

Classic Confections is located at Level 2 of Greenbelt 5 in Makati.

Marc’s Cafe

One of the most famous dessert parlor in Makati is St.Marc’s Café. The crowd favorite? Chococro (Chocolate Croissant)!

This café is a specialty Japanese dessert, famous for its signature chocolate croissant and freshly baked pastries. It was franchised by BENCH CEO, Ben Chan.

Personal favorite? St.Marc Café’s ice creams! If you are having a hard time choosing with their wide selections, go for the Classic Fuji. Its interior has a warm and relaxing ambiance, perfect workspace and for intimate conversations.

Taste the heavenly desserts at St.Marc’s at Greenbelt 3 in Ayala Center, Makati.


Whatever it is you are looking for, whether for an afternoon tea delight, a coffee break, or a dessert adventure – get creative. Have the time to hop at different cafes and try their bestsellers. Makati is a fun place to walk with. With its great city light during night time, this might be the perfect time to rediscover the city, and its offering.

Looking for more Cafes to explore? Fret no more! Check out this awesome food crawl venues in Ortigas!

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