Foodie Event Lover Must Haves

Worldwide | Feb 5 - Feb 4, 2021
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What Every Foodie Event Lover Can’t Live Without

Food, glorious food. What used to be just a basic necessity (it still is, BTW) is these days a whole lot more. Food is an art, food is a science. Food is a passion, an occasion, and most of all, a celebration. Foodies worldwide have made adventures of it, and events have been organized around it. Here’s a list of the top must haves for anyone who claims to love foodie events:

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Foodie Event Lover Must Haves

1. Adventurous Appetite

Foodies can be voracious eaters. That’s a fact. But, it’s not just the quantity consumed that makes one a foodie. It’s the lengths that he or she is willing to go just to get some grub. Are you willing to fly all the way to Zamboanga City from Manila to have some curacha? How about going to Davao for some durian? If you heard that the best Tapsilog comes from Rodic’s in UP Diliman, how much of you is willing to get up and brave EDSA traffic just to get some?

2. Hungry BFF

No man is an island”. This age-old saying applies even to the foodie event scene. Food shared is twice enjoyed. Literally and figuratively. Just as when you dive into the deep blue unknown, you must always have a buddy. Be sure your buddy has just as enormous an appetite and love for food as you. I mean, you wouldn’t go to the Strawberry Festival on solo flight, right? You need someone to share each taste-bud tickle.

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3. Access to Foodie Resources

What you don’t know, won’t get you fed. That’s right. You need to be able to plan out where to go to taste your food treasures. Not being able to physically go somewhere to taste the sumptuous snacks is hell for any foodie. Likewise, events and food venues must be accessible so as not to torment any foodie. All you need is Omnomnom.

4. Instagram

Step 1: Order/Choose your Food.

Step 2: Food is Served.

Step 3: Instagram

Step 4: Eat.

5. Doggie Bag

You can’t be called a foodie if you aren’t willing to take home. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a whole load of spicy chicken wings or a plate of beef steak. The hunger and the love for food knows no difference.

Quick fact: we all love to eat. People may not all have the same taste for food, but it is understood that we all love food. Yummy. Events celebrating food make it even more exciting.

Share your own thoughts on your love for food and say #IAmAnEventurer. Sign up and join the cause to create more foodie events, and win some prizes as a bonus. Each food-loving moment is meant to be shared to everyone. Maybe then, the world will be a happier place.

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