Go-To Places to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

Nationwide | Feb 5 - Feb 4, 2021
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Valentine’s Day, Heart’s Day, Love month. Whatever it is you want to call it is coming! Everyone is always anticipating this day since it calls for a romance. Got an itinerary for your date yet? If not, maybe this can help you decide. Here are some of go-to places to spend your Valentine’s Day with your baby, babe, honey, bebe or simply the love of your life.


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Go-To Places to spend your Valentine’s Day outdoor

Ilocos Sur and Norte

Firstly, Vigan City is one of the must go-to places to spend your Valentine’s Day. Walk around Calle Crisologo and sight-see those wonderful vintage houses, cobblestones and calesas around the streets with your greatest love. Then wait for the night to see how beautiful and magical it is with lights.

After Vigan, you might want to proceed to Pagudpod, stay on a hotel and take a trekking adventure with your loved one to the beautiful Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. Take a refreshing dip in the Blue Lagoon and feel the wind and waves while watching the windmills in Bangui.


The Farm at San Benito

Planning a staycation just near the Metro? The Farm at San Benito, located in Lipa City, Batangas would be one of the perfect go-to places to spend your Valentine’s Day. Make this one of your itinerary if you want to shake your stress out of your body for a while. Its natural ambiance would make you and your lover feel how it is to live with Mother Nature. Wake up without an alarm, drink coffee, take a yoga, take a dip and enjoy a massage.


Go-To Places fit for wedding proposals


If you want a peaceful and heartfelt destination for your Valentine’s Day, Batanes would be great. The green blanket of grass along the hills and a bright blue water made many couples decide to get married here or at least for their honeymoon.

Share your I do’s at the breath taking and charming stone chapel located at Tukon, Bosco Batanes. It will make a great picturesque and backdrop.

Gentlemen, if you are planning to propose to your girl, it would be great if you will set it up here in Batanes. With a scenic background, pretty sure it will be the most memorable thing around for the both of you. (Just make sure she’ll say yes. Kidding.)


Mount Pico De Loro

For those couples who are always up to adventures, Pico De Loro can be your destination this Valentine’s Day. Standing tall between Cavite and Batangas, this is one of the tallest mountain in the Philippines you can ever conquer.

Just like what is mentioned above, this mountain became a perfect venue for a girl to say yes to her man. But somehow, a couple has changed this perspective. Instead, the girl proposed to her “torpe” man and made the beautiful scenery as the primary testimony of her love for him. Girl power!

Valentine’s Day is not exclusive for couples. If you are still single, go out with your family instead. Make the most out of the day! Though choosing to wander alone is not a bad thing especially if you want some soul searching and me-time. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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