World Travel Expo 2017

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City | Oct 6 - Oct 8, 2017
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If you have an inkling to travel the world, you know the drill.

The generation of today are far more experimental than its predecessor. We want to experience more out of life by going out of our way and exposing ourselves to events and experiences. Travelling seems to be a privilege but with the advent of cheap airfare and affordable accommodations, any destination seems to be within reach. World Travel Expo 2017 is a prime event in SMX Convention Center on October 6-8 where anyone can choose and book their desired destinations. Get set, jetsetters so save now and travel later!

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World Travel Expo aims to be the hub for local and international travel scene in the country. It has attracted a number of exhibitors such as hotel group of companies, airline and cruise carriers, travel agencies, and a number of business centers within the tourism industry. It leverages those businesses in the tourism industry to make their brand of service known to the greater public sphere.

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Pick Your Travel Destination

Consider it a mecca, a sacred place wherein people bitten by the wanderlust bug go to find remedy to their itching feet. See that picture? This was taken during last year’s travel expo event. As more and more exhibitors join the bandwagon to meet the needs and demands of increasing travelers over the years, World Travel Expo empowers both sides by promoting effective and efficient means to travel.

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This event helps people connect to their dream destinations. C’mon, most of us have their own dream destinations but let’s face it; we are burdened with the perennial problem of saving up first and earnings tons before we gratify ourselves with the beauty of the world. We are telling you this early to save now so that when October comes; you will have a pocketful of money to book that dream destination of yours. Most exhibitors demand on-the-spot down payment.

World Travel Expo Registration is open for interested exhibitors and sponsors. Give them a call at (02) 5797185 or message them at inquiry@adasiaevents.com.

It’s definitely time for a change for the better.

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