ATV Riding in Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island | Apr 16 - Jun 30, 2018
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A Mix of Fun and History at Corregidor Island


Corregidor Island features a rich history, unparalleled beauty, and of course, tourist spots which is worth the visit. And what better way to mix outdoor fun and history, than visiting Corregidor and riding some ATV while having a scenic tour at the island.

If you happen to use that vacation leave, then better plan ahead on time and try ATV Riding in Corregidor Island. ATV or short term for All-Terrain Vehicle, gives its rider the thrill of driving through its rugged trails while overviewing the majestic place.

Places to See in Corregidor

The Japanese Peace Garden in Corregidor. Photo credits to Lakad Pilipinas.

  • Pacific War Memorial

This establishment was built to honor the Filipino and American soldiers who participated in World War II. It is a rotunda with a circular altar directly under the dome’s oculus through which light falls on the altar during daylight hours.

  • Malinta Tunnel

From being an evacuation site and a bunker before, it is now home to an audio-visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana. It tell the events that took place on the island during the battle.

  • Japanese Garden of Peace

One of the most photographed location in Corregidor is the Japanese Garden of Peace. This is basically built as a memorial to the Japanese soldiers who served and died on the island during World War II. The park includes a praying area, shrines, markers and a small pavilion that houses photographs and memorabilia.

Brief History of Corregidor

This island played a very important role during the war between the liberation of our country from the Japanese forces. This place has been used to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and Manila from attacks by enemy warships.

As stated in Wikipedia, Corregidor is largest of the 4 islands that formed the harbor defenses of Manila Bay. Those islands are the El Fraile Island, Caballo Island, and Carabao Island. All of which were all fortified during the American colonial period. If you have been here, the island was also used as a site of a small military airfield, as part of the defense.

It is more or like a huge ruin because it was heavily bombarded during the latter part of the war. Today, it serves as a military memorial to American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers who served or lost their lives on the battlefield.

How To Go There

You can also do some sightseeing tours aside from ATV riding. To go there, take the Sun Cruises ferry from Manila bound to Corregidor. The terminal is located at the Esplanade, Seaside Terminal of SM Mall of Asia.


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