Lanzones Festival 2018

Camiguin | Oct 22 - Oct 25, 2018
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Tourists flock at the Town of Mambajao to witness the joyous celebration of Lanzones Festival. An annual festival to honor the bountiful harvest of Lanzones. It is celebrated every third week of October, in time for the season of the tropical fruit lanzones.

Lanzones is the most important livelihood of Camiguin and one of the major producers in the Philippines. Some says that Lanzones that comes from Camiguin is the sweetest.

Lanzones or langsats is a favorite fruit of many people in the Philippines. Moreover it is a type of tree in the Mahogany group of plants.


The Legend of the Lanzones Festival

It is believe that the celebration started with the local legend about a childless couple who wished for a child from a lanzones tree fairy. The fairy granted them a healthy baby boy but the couple forgot to thank her. One day a suspicious-looking woman approached their child while he was playing

The boy suddenly fell unconscious. His parents thought that it was the lanzones fairy who had enchanted the boy. The couple decided to perform a ritual to appease the fairy and, sure enough, the child became well again.

The following year, the couple invited the neighboring barrio to participate in the thanksgiving ritual. From then on, the ritual became an annual festivity in Camiguin to recreate the ceremonies done by the ancient forefathers of the island to the gods that provide good weather and abundant harvest.


What you should forward at the Lanzones Festival

It is a four day celebration full of activities to watch out! There’s a beauty pageant where beautiful girls compete for the coveted title. It will complete with street dancing, parades and cultural heritage shows that celebrate the region’s rich history.

You will never go home without souvenirs. You can buy at the trade fair that features the work of local artists. Grab those handicraft products and works of art that interest you. Will left an awed as the street posts and houses are decorated with Lanzones to make the festival more a Lanzones Festival.


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