Masskara Festival

Bacolod | Oct 19, 2017
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Bacolod’s Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival

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Bacolod not only offers a “city full of smiles” but also celebrates it’s own version that is similar to the Mardi Gras! The Maskara Festival, which is celebrated every third week of October. Locals and tourists come from all over the Philippines and the world to experience this celebration.

Masskara Festival

Source: Our Awesome Planet

The Masskara Festival has been an annual event in Bacolod since 1980. Every year it keeps getting bigger and more people are travelling to Bacolod to experience the event. That’s why it’s no surprise that the Masskara Festival in 2016 was one for the books!

The new administration of Bacolod committed in making some huge changes in the 2016 festival. With the activities lined up from October 1-23, it made sure that there was not a dull night in Bacolod throughout the month.

Activities throughout that month included a medical mission, a parade of numberous colorful costumes and masks that commemorates the annual event, a pageant looking for the Masskara Queen of 2016, Mardi Gras parties from October 10-12, and the awaited competition of different Barangays as they competed for the Masskara street dance competition.


Bacolod yet again vows to have the 2017 Masskara Festival bigger than last year. If you want to visit other festivals, go check out the Mudpack Festival in Negros this June 23 too!

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