Mid-Autumn Festival

Singapore | Oct 4, 2017
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See the lanterns at the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Planning on traveling abroad this summer? Why not visit Singapore for their Mid-Autumn Festival on October 4, 2017!

1-LSC-707-188 Mid-Autumn FestivalPhoto via visitsingapore

Considered as the one of the loveliest Chinese festivals, this festival was traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods.

Aside from that, it is also the  time the year where the moon is as its brightest, which is why locals say that there are many lunar legends attached to the celebration.

During this festival, lanterns are the main attraction. The traditionalists opt for those lighted by wax candles, elegant paper, or more elaborate multi-hued cellophane and wire structures designed into cars and cartoon characters!

Besides that, people would often flock to the Mid-Autumn Festival for the mooncakes! These days, you’ll find them in many varieties from the traditional versions to the snow skin versions filled with chocolate!

So if you’re planning on visiting Singapore, make sure to see the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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