Pahiyas Festival: One of the Oldest Festivals in the Philippines

Lucban, Quezon | May 15, 2018
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The Most Colorful Local Festival in the Philippines


One of the most popular festivals in the Philippines would be the Pahiyas Festival. This local festival, which happens every May 15, is being celebrated in Lucban in Quezon at the Luzon region. It is also known as one of the oldest festivals established in the Philippines, as it traces back to the 16th century when it was first recorded to have been  celebrated.

History of the Pahiyas Festival


Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival, or more commonly known as Pahiyas, is an event wherein the townspeople of Quezon commemorate San Isidro Labrador, who is the patron saint of farmers. According to oral historical accounts, it was in the 1500s when native Tagalogs settled at Mt. Banahaw’s foot which was during the early periods of Christianization. It was said that the people of Lucban have already been conducting simple thanksgiving to the Anitos, for their good harvest.

Aside from these historical accounts, there are legends that tell the story of San Isidro, a tenant farmer working at a Spaniard’s farm. It was said that the landlord asked him for more harvest, but he cannot do so. What he did was to pray to God, and then an angel helped him to harvest.

What happens during the Pahiyas Festival

At present, Pahiyas is getting more grandiose than ever. Still the main focus of the event is the procession of the image of San Isidro Labrador. Other notable things that’s unique about Pahiyas Festival is their decorations such as “Kiping,” a leaf-shaped wafer made of rice in different colors. There is also the “Anok,” which refers to the stringed fruits, vegetables, and longanisa for display. There’s also the Arangya made of Kiping which resemble an ensemble of flowers. These colorful decorations help make the Pahiyas Festival more attractive and unique than ever.


This local festival gets loud and merrier with its lineup of events. Aside from the image procession, there is also an agro-industrial fair called “Tiyangge sa Lucban” where Lucban food and household products are being displayed for tourists to see. There are all sorts of contests, from singing, dancing, to cooking. There are also workshops, beauty pageants, Arangya Making and Kiping Cooking contest, grand parade, and other exciting events and performances to watch out for.

To go to Quezon Province, board a bus in Cubao or Pasay going to Lucena. Drop off at the Grand Central Terminal where there are buses, vans, and jeeps you can take going to Lucban.


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