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Star City, Pasay | Feb 13 - Apr 30, 2018
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There are few theme parks in the Philippines you should visit with your family and friends. It’s either Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna, Sky Ranch in Pampanga and Tagaytay, Ocean Adventure in Subic to name a few. Since the mentioned place above are a bit far for those living in the Metro, Star City would be the perfect place for you then.

Sure some of you have visited Star City, probably during a family outing or a school field trip. But what we don’t know is that this remarkable theme park in Pasay is the ONLY weather-proof amusement park in the Philippines and added more rides and attractions for kids and kids at heart.

Attractions Inside Star City


Step inside a magical and out of this world attraction in Star City such as the Adventure Zone, Scream Adventure 5D Rider, Dungeon, Toy Chest, Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirate Adventure, Dungeon and Gabi ng Lagim.

If you’re old enough for a good ‘ol scare, then get inside the newly refurbished Dungeon which features raising thrills based on local folklore including zombies, ghosts, witches, goblins, exorcisms, levitation, and other terrifying sights.

You can also enter the Sky Dome which is famous for its mystical creatures coming alive right before your eyes.


Extreme Rides


Nothing can beat the Star City experience if you haven’t tried any extreme rides such as the Viking, Star Frisbee, Star Flyer, Jungle Splash, and Surf Dance.

As for the Star Frisbee, this is not for a faint of heart as riders are swung to heights while the outward facing seats spin around. This can be compared to the Disc-O-Magic in Enchanted Kingdom.

Another extreme ride you should try in Star City is the Star Flyer, again, we don’t suggest people with heart problems because it flies and rolls in great speed. Also, this is the first inverted roller coaster in the Philippines which makes it a must-try for adrenaline junkies.


Family Rides


But of course, there are also Family Rides perfect for parents with their kids like the carousel, happy swing, dragon express, magic forest, wacky worm, telecombat, kiddie bumper car, kiddie wheel, mini pirate ship, and grand carousel.


Teen and Adult Rides


If you’re just an average person who doesn’t want the adrenaline rush and riding some heart-stopping ride, then there are also average rides in Star City.

Such rides include the Music Express which on the first glance looks like a Caterpillar ride, but it is more than that. This ride can reach a maximum speed of 12 revolutions per minute going both forward and backward. The operator/ DJ will not hesitate to crank up the volume while the ride gathers speed. You can also try to ride the Blizzard which is less scary than the Star Flyer. It’s basically a classic roller coaster ride  with a theme of the Antartic.



You can get your tickets at

Children 34 inches and below are FREE.


Entrance – Php 80.00 (Guest can enjoy the Mid-way games, coin operated machines, rides, attractions, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Star Dome, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water excluded.)


3 Cheers Ticket – Php 390.00 (Three rides of your choice (Ride restrictions apply), except mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Art Alive and Walk on Water. Entrance fee included.)


Ride-All-You-Can – Php 490.00 (Unlimited access to KIDDIE RIDES: Road Race, Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Little Tykes, Tea Cup, Kiddie Bumper Car, Rodeo, Ball Pool, Frosty Train and Mini Pirate Ship.


Grand Carousel, Annex Carousel, Happy Swing, Magic Forest Ride, Red Baron, Super TeleCombat, Dragon Express, Wacky Worm and Giant Star Wheel.



Music Express, Bumper boat, Bumper Cars Rave and Smash, Jumping Star, Tornado and Blizzard



Star Frisbee, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash, Star Flyer and Viking Ship



Toy Chest, Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirate Adventure, Dungeon and Gabi ng Lagim

(Ride restrictions apply).


Entrance fee included.


Snow World Php 170.00

Unlimited access. Jackets will be provided. (Attraction restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.


Lazer Blaster Php 100.00

Good for 1 (one) game only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.


Senior Citizens are given 20% Discount on RAYC. Please bring your identification card.


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