Treetop Adventure in Subic

Subic | Apr 16 - Jun 30, 2018
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An Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure in Subic


Here another outdoor adventure for adults! Visit Treetop Adventure in Subic and choose your own thrilling adventure.

There are different ride and attractions inside Treetop Adventure you can enjoy. Such activities include Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer, Superman Ride, Interactive Freefall, Treetop Drop Adventure, Trekking, and Skywalking. This place also offers 12 team games at their branches in Baguio and Subic.

Activities to do in Treetop Adventure


There are the following signature attractions and outdoor activities you may enjoy at Treetop:

Canopy Ride

Get out of your comfort zone and experience Canopy Ride here at Treetop Adventure. You and the rest of the fam can travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides.

Superman Ride

Feel the rush and try the Superman Ride. Riders get to face a 70 feet high in Subic and 150 feet high over a ravine in Baguio.

Interactive Freefall

Want to be like a human yoyo? Well here’s how. Try the interactive freefall, which ranges from 6ft to 100 ft from the ground. It goes up and down several times so make sure you got an empty stomach before trying this.

Canopy and Funicular Ride

This activity is only available at their Baguio branch only. But in case you’re interested to travel through trees 100 feet above the ground with your friends, then try this one out now.


Rates at Treetop Adventure in Subic

(Canopy Ride + Superman) – Php 500.00

(Canopy Ride + Superman Ride + Trekking) – PHP 600.00

(Superman Ride + Tree Drop + Silver Surfer + Canopy Ride) – PHP 900.00

(Canopy Ride + Superman Ride + Tree Drop + Silver Surfer + Trekking) – PHP 1,000.00

Individual Rates

Canopy Ride – PHP 350.00

Superman Ride – PHP 200.00

Tree Drop – PHP 150.00

Trekking – PHP 100.00

Silver Surfer – PHP 250.00

Interactive Freefall – PHP 250.00

All of this and more only at Treetop Adventure. It is located at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, and you may reach them at +6347 252 9425 for further inquiries.

How To Go There

Ride a Victory Liner bus to Olongapo or Iba, Zambales, and ask the conductor to drop you off at your destination. Commuting from Manila to Zambales takes about 3 hours.


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