Ang Taba Ko Kasi

SM Mall of Asia and SM Sta. Mesa | Jan 12 - Jan 13, 2018
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Have you ever feel insecure? Have you referred your “bad luck” as a result of the not so pretty part of your body, like “ang taba ko kasi kaya di nya ako gusto” or “hindi kase abot height ko kaya hindi ako natanggap sa role” and many more?

This film by Jason Paul Laxamana tackles an insecurity a lot of Filipinos are experiencing – weight and being fat.

ang taba ko kasi

Ang Taba ko Kasi

Ang Taba Ko Kasi is one of films launched through Cine Filipino Film Festival 2016. It’s also one of the most controversial film released because of the topic they intend to relay.

“It is much grounded on reality. It’s about emotional journey of a fat person who tries to find romantic relationship and at the same time coming into terms with self-acceptance.” – Jason Paul Laxamana, Director

Screening Details

This 2018, according to Cinema Bravo, Ang Taba Ko Kasi will be shown again in selected theaters in Metro Manila. Below are the screening details released:

January 12, 2018
Mall of Asia
11:45PM | 1:40PM | 3:45PM | 5:50PM | 7:55PM | 10:00PM

12:40PM | 2:45PM | 4:50PM | 6:55PM | 9:00PM

January 13,2018
Mall of Asia
11:45PM | 1:40PM | 3:45PM | 5:50PM | 7:55PM | 10:00PM

Director: Jason Paul Laxamana

Starring: Cai Cortex, Ryan Yllana, Mark Neumann

Ang Taba Ko Kasi Synopsis

Ang taba ko kasi focuses on Olga (Cortez), an overweight college student who wants to lose weight. She goes jogging around the UP Campus, takes diet pills and does whatever she can to lose weight, because she can’t look at herself naked. She takes swimming classes, and is lucky to get a good-looking instructor (Mark Neumann), whom she takes a liking to. While jogging, she meets another overweight guy named Benji (Ryan Yllana) who, like her, is trying to lose weight but for different reasons-his ex-girlfriend who moved to the States is coming home soon, and before she had left years ago, he wasn’t a “dambuhala” yet.

ang taba ko kasi

A strange love story (strange because the guys never interact) brews, and Olga goes back and forth between her cute, kind instructor whom she thinks would never go for her because she’s fat or the big, sweet guy whom she feels she can be comfortable with and is going through the same body issue that she is.


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